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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the solution to Two Down dropping out?
(a) Ray forfeits.
(b) Two Down selects a substitute.
(c) Ray plays alone against Concorde and his father.
(d) Concorde selects a substitute.

2. What does Ray's father convince him to do while they are playing a match?
(a) Lend his special club to his father.
(b) Quit the match.
(c) Intentionally not win the match.
(d) Play his best.

3. After watching Madeline walk away, what does Ray decide to do?
(a) Follow Madeline.
(b) Cheat to win.
(c) Intentionally commit a violation, forcing a tie.
(d) Quit the game.

4. What is Ray's father's motivation for the suggestion he makes?
(a) His father wants him to focus on The Bet.
(b) His father is proud of him.
(c) His father does not want to be beaten by his son.
(d) His father is worried about decorum.

5. How does Madeline react when she finds out about Ray's plan?
(a) She agrees to help him.
(b) She calls the police to report him.
(c) She walks out on him.
(d) She falls more in love with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 17, where does Ray take Two Down to convince him?

2. When Ray is at The Mayflower Club with his father, what does he give to Madeline?

3. Who surprises Ray by arriving at the course in Chapter 24?

4. What is the atmosphere at Ponky's in the Epilogue?

5. What does Ray jokingly suggest as a solution for Two Down's trouble?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ray's father tell him not to score too high, and what does Ray realize about his father's motives?

2. Which rule at The Mayflower Club is strictly enforced when the Chops follow Ray and Two Down for the second half of the match? Why is this ironic?

3. What is the one solution Ray proposes for Two Down's problem that Two Down takes seriously?

4. How do things end for Ray and Dannie?

5. What does Ray do that he hopes will convince Two Down to drop the kidnapping plan?

6. What change does the reader see in Hoover when he distracts Ray's father with talk about seeing his own shadow?

7. After doing research at the library on his special club, the MacGregor 693, what does Ray find out?

8. Describe what happens when Dannie arrives at The Mayflower Club with Browning.

9. Describe the atmosphere at Ponky after the match is over as related in the Epilogue.

10. When Ray, Two Down, and Dannie all arrive at The Mayflower Club on the same morning and realize that all three have a match scheduled, what do they realize will determine the winner of The Bet?

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