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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dannie do with her free time after The Bet is over?
(a) Goes to a second job.
(b) Plays at The Mayflower Club.
(c) Hangs out at Ponky.
(d) Spends it with Browning.

2. What does Two Down give Hoover to improve his game?
(a) A rabbit's foot.
(b) Money.
(c) His favorite putter.
(d) A four-leaf clover.

3. What club rule is enforced strictly for the second half, even though so many others are ignored?
(a) No shouting.
(b) No denim.
(c) No weapons.
(d) No pets.

4. What is so significant about Chunkin' Charlie in Ray's life?
(a) He reminds Ray of Uncle Joe.
(b) Ray has never been able to beat him at golf.
(c) He financed Ray's attempt at professional golf.
(d) He helped Ray get a job in writing.

5. What does Two Down have to do to absolve his debt to Concorde?
(a) Pay over time.
(b) Pay in full within two days.
(c) Move out of town.
(d) Burn the pictures and negatives.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is surprising to Ray about the Numerals attending that funeral?

2. What is the plan in Chapter 18 that someone comes up with to get Two Down out of his predicament?

3. How does Dannie respond to the confession in Chapter 23?

4. What is the idea in Chapter 19, which Two Down shares with Ray, to get himself out of trouble?

5. Two Down was threatened with getting fired, a recall on his home loan, and ________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Which rule at The Mayflower Club is strictly enforced when the Chops follow Ray and Two Down for the second half of the match? Why is this ironic?

2. How do Ray and Two Down win the first round against Concorde and Ray's father?

3. Describe what Ray learns from other Numerals and from Madeline with only one round left to play in the match.

4. How does Thud become involved in the match between Ray, Two Down, Concorde, and Ray's father? What is the effect on Concorde?

5. Whom does Two Down see approaching in a golf cart at the end of Chapter 20, and why is he pleased?

6. What might be Ray's motivation for intentionally committing a violation in the last round, forcing the match to end in a tie?

7. What change does the reader see in Hoover when he distracts Ray's father with talk about seeing his own shadow?

8. What does Dannie tell Ray that is critical when the two are discussing Dannie's relationship with Browning? Why is this significant?

9. In Chapter 16, after The Bet is over, how have the dynamics at Ponky changed?

10. What plan does Thud come up with to help Two Down instead of kidnapping?

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