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Character Look-Alikes

Cut out pictures from magazines and/or newspapers of people that you think look like Ray, Ray's father, Two Down, Concorde, Dannie, and Madeline.

Title Time

Write a new title for the book and explain why you chose it.

Book Review

Write a book review for the book, including a basic plot synopsis, analysis of how well the author handles the topic and theme, and a suggested audience who would enjoy the book.

Future Telling

Respond in writing to the following questions: Do you think people will still be reading this book 100 years from now? Why or why not? Include specific details from the book to explain your opinion.

Lights, Camera, Action

Act out the scene from Chapter 23 at The Mayflower Club. Assign parts to each student, including some students as spectator Numerals. Have students use both dialogue and narration to guide them in creating their...

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