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Chapters 1-3

• Ponky is revealed as a run-down golf course that is the center of life for the Chops.
• Ray describes the Chops and Ponky, and he reveals Dannie as his secret lover.
• In anger over a match with Two Down, Hoover punches a hole in the hedge between Ponky and the exclusive Mayflower Club, setting the stage for The Bet. The Chops become obsessed with The Mayflower Club.

Chapters 4-6

• Ray describes his hatred for his father.
• Ray, Two Down, and Dannie establish and agree to rules for The Bet, and start devising ways to win by being the first to play at The Mayflower Club.

• Dannie is the first to enact her plan to win The Bet, but it fails.
• Dannie ends her relationship with Ray because she is distracted by The Mayflower Club and The Bet.

• Ray describes his father's abuse toward Ray's family.

Chapters 7-9

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