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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 Carnelle's overall goal is to win the beauty contest. She has had a hard life and wants to have a better reputation when she leaves the town. This lesson's focus is on Carnelle's background in the community.

1. Class discussion: Why has Carnelle had a bad reputation in her town? What is Carnelle missing in her life? Why is she lacking validation and self-esteem? How is her lack of self-esteem related to Carnelle's bad reputation and promiscuity?

2. Group discussion: How has Carnelle's childhood had an effect on the way she lives her life? How does it seem to have affected her relationships?

3. Writing: Carnelle believes that the beauty contest she is planning to be a part of will restore her reputation. Why does she believe this? What else does she hope to gain? What does she need to gain?

4. Homework: Make predictions about Carnelle's role...

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