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Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jacob tell his father he is going to do that day?
(a) Go take pictures of the waves.
(b) Go to the library.
(c) Visit friends on the other side of the island.
(d) Go collecting butterflies.

2. What sort of dream does Horace have?
(a) No dream.
(b) A dream that offers Jacob a solution.
(c) A dream that helps find the children captured by the hollowgast.
(d) A horrifying prophetic dream.

3. Who takes Jacob back to the cairn?
(a) Olive.
(b) Miss Peregrine.
(c) Millard.
(d) Emma.

4. What do Hugh and Fiona tell Jacob and Emma?
(a) Miss Peregrine is angry with Emma.
(b) Abe's ghost appeared to them.
(c) Another ymbrynes has arrived.
(d) Jacob's father has somehow stumbled into the cairn.

5. How does Miss Peregrine react to the news about the murder?
(a) She decides to change the loop's timing.
(b) She instigates a lock down of the school.
(c) She pulls out some guns for the eldest students.
(d) She faints.

Short Answer Questions

1. What rises out of the water as Emma and Jacob watch?

2. What does Jacob begin to wonder about the house?

3. Where does Emma take Jacob to talk?

4. Where does it appear that Golan is trapped?

5. What does Millard say he is doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is wrong with Victor and what does his sister want Enoch to do about it?

2. Why are the townspeople in Jacob's time period upset when Jacob returns that evening?

3. Why can't Jacob's father or Miss Peregrine help Jacob solve his dilemma?

4. What monster can enter loops and who is killed by one, and what does Emma reply when told Abe is killed by a hollowgast?

5. Why is Jacob's father almost drunk when Jacob returns to The Priest's Hole of his era?

6. Why is Miss Peregrine angry with Jacob?

7. What news do Hugh and Fiona have for Jacob and Emma when the two return to the beach?

8. Why do Jacob and Emma run desperately down the steps of the lighthouse and what do they see when they get outside?

9. Describe Jacob's second monster kill.

10. Who is murdered in Cairnholm and what does Jacob think happened?

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