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Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jacob think Emma's motivation might be concerning him?
(a) He does not feel there is any ulterior motive.
(b) To wreak revenge on Abe.
(c) To try to find Abe through him.
(d) As a replacement for Abe.

2. Who is Miss Bunting?
(a) A peculiar child who left the loop.
(b) A ymbryne.
(c) Someone Abe once dated.
(d) A woman killed by the Nazis recently in that time period.

3. What is one question the other children ask Miss Peregrine?
(a) Why Jacob is wearing Victor's clothes.
(b) If Jacob can be there when his grandfather returns.
(c) If Jacob is going back to his time.
(d) If Jacob is going to join a loop.

4. What does Millard say he is doing?
(a) Trying to figure out a way out of the loop.
(b) Documenting the day.
(c) Writing his parents.
(d) Trying to figure out a way for them to go somewhere safe.

5. Who is Victor's sister?
(a) Jessica.
(b) Emma.
(c) Olive.
(d) Bronwyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miss Peregrine react to the news about the murder?

2. What does Jacob's father say when Jacob sees him?

3. Who takes Jacob back to the cairn?

4. Where does Emma take Jacob to talk?

5. What is Olive's special ability?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would happen if the children leave the loop in their own time period?

2. Why is Jacob's father almost drunk when Jacob returns to The Priest's Hole of his era?

3. How does the emotions between Emma and Jacob intensify?

4. What is Emma's reaction when she finds Jacob looking over the letters between her and Abe, and who does the confrontation make Jacob leery of Emma's advances?

5. Why do Jacob and Emma run desperately down the steps of the lighthouse and what do they see when they get outside?

6. What is Jacob's dilemma?

7. Describe the children's quest to reach the lighthouse island.

8. Why is Miss Peregrine angry with Jacob?

9. Who is murdered in Cairnholm and what does Jacob think happened?

10. Why does Miss Avocet say she is there?

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