Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jacob convince his parents it would good for him to visit?
(a) An island off the coast of Spain.
(b) An island off the coast of Portugal.
(c) An island near Wales.
(d) An island off the coast of Iceland.

2. What does Jacob wake to find on his dresser?
(a) A piece of broken pottery.
(b) A raven.
(c) A peregrine falcon.
(d) A paper with runes.

3. What is another photograph Abe shows Jacob?
(a) A girl who can stretch her body over long distances.
(b) A boy who can become invisible.
(c) A boy who can talk to animals.
(d) A boy who can find water with his finger.

4. How does Milliard explain their situation?
(a) They are in a loop.
(b) They are going to be the only survivors of the German bombing.
(c) Miss Peregrine is meeting them near there.
(d) They must get off the island immediately.

5. Who is Dr. Golan?
(a) A geology professor and good friend of Jacob's grandfather.
(b) Jacob's mother's doctor.
(c) A history professor.
(d) A psychiatrist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Jacob and his father directions to their Inn?

2. What does Jacob sense in one room he enters in the Home?

3. What form can an ymbryne take?

4. What upsets Jacob when he opens what he found?

5. What does Dr. Golan try to do for Jacob?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jacob convince his parents that he should do to help him recover from Abe's death?

2. What does Jacob watch out of the window of the house?

3. What does Jacob say about how his life has changed?

4. How does Jacob effect the opening of the locked trunk he finds?

5. What does Jacob tell his parents, the police and Ricky and what is their response?

6. How do Jacob's parents try to calm Jacob and what does he think of the effort?

7. How does Jacob's father explain Abe's stories?

8. How is the last leg of the journey to Cairnholm accomplished, and what do they see in the waters along the way?

9. What motivates Jacob to run into the bog near the house?

10. Who is with Jacob when he comes to from his faint and what do they tell him?

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