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Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jacob think he needs to go back to the inn?
(a) To keep his father from worrying.
(b) To verify that he is not going crazy.
(c) To get his possessions.
(d) To tell his father about what he found at the house.

2. What is Olive's special ability?
(a) Transmutation.
(b) Transportation.
(c) Elasticity.
(d) Levitation.

3. What does Jacob say about Abe's death?
(a) Abe knew it was coming.
(b) Abe was killed by a hollowgast.
(c) Abe was killed by some neighborhood bullies.
(d) Abe told him to leave him alone to die in the woods when Jacob found him.

4. What weapon does Jacob use to kill the hollowgast?
(a) A knife.
(b) A club.
(c) A gun.
(d) Scissors.

5. What do the children ask Jacob?
(a) About the future.
(b) About Abe.
(c) About his cell phone.
(d) About his home in the United States.

6. Who is able to see the hollowgast?
(a) Abe.
(b) Olive.
(c) Millard.
(d) Emma.

7. Who else has arrived on the island that discourages Jacob's father?
(a) Another professional ornithologist.
(b) Abe's brother.
(c) Jacob's uncle.
(d) Jacob's psychiatrist.

8. Where does Jacob discover a box of letters and photos that pertain to Emma and Abe's relationship?
(a) In the attic.
(b) In Emma's room.
(c) In Abe's room.
(d) In the cellar.

9. Where does Emma take Jacob to talk?
(a) A root cellar.
(b) A shipwreck.
(c) A cave.
(d) A treehouse.

10. What does Miss Peregrine say she was unsure of concerning Jacob?
(a) That he would accidentally give their loop sequence away to the wights.
(b) That he was still grieving.
(c) That he was talented.
(d) That he could be trusted.

11. What does Emma say is Jacob's talent?
(a) He can read other people's emotions.
(b) He can lead others.
(c) He can see monsters.
(d) He can move through dimensions.

12. Who observes Golan from a hiding place?
(a) Fiona.
(b) Millard.
(c) Olive.
(d) Bronwyn.

13. What state is Jacob's father in frequently?
(a) Aloof.
(b) Distracted.
(c) Drunken.
(d) Excited.

14. How do the students learn that the dead person is killed by a wight?
(a) The police get a description of the murderer from a dock worker.
(b) Jacob reanimates the corpse.
(c) They do not learn anything about the murder.
(d) The deceased person scrawls something before dying.

15. What is the weather like the next day after Jacob returns to his time?
(a) Dense fog.
(b) Brilliant sunshine.
(c) Warm and rainy.
(d) Cold and rainy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been killed while Jacob is gone this day?

2. What does Emma keep trying to do?

3. What rises out of the water as Emma and Jacob watch?

4. Who is Victor's sister?

5. What does Bronwyn dive down and retrieve?

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