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Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jacob sleep the first night at the Inn?
(a) Well for the first time in months.
(b) Fitfully but with no nightmares.
(c) He is totally unable to sleep.
(d) Still has horrible nightmares.

2. Who does Jacob meet inside the house?
(a) Abe.
(b) His great uncle Thomas.
(c) The invisible boy.
(d) Miss Peregrine.

3. What does Jacob find that he imagines once belonged to his grandfather?
(a) A briefcase.
(b) A journal.
(c) A suitcase.
(d) A moldy book.

4. Who accuses Jacob of being a wight?
(a) The landlord at The Priest's Hole.
(b) An elderly woman.
(c) A girl he encounters in an ally.
(d) A man at a fruit stand.

5. What does Jacob do when he arrives back at the Home?
(a) Hides outside and watches the home.
(b) Searches the attic.
(c) Searches the first floor.
(d) Leaves a note on the front door.

6. What is something Uncle Oggie tell Jacob about the home?
(a) The previous director of the home lives in Scotland.
(b) The home was moved three times.
(c) The home is bombed early in WWII.
(d) The former residents of the home mostly in England.

7. Where is the truck that Jacob finds?
(a) In the hallway.
(b) In the basement.
(c) Under the other bed from his first find.
(d) In the attic.

8. Who is Abe?
(a) Jacob's brother.
(b) The name Jacob uses at school.
(c) Jacob's great uncle.
(d) Jacob's grandfather.

9. Who gives Jacob and his father directions to their Inn?
(a) The only police person on the island.
(b) The librarian.
(c) The curator of the local museum.
(d) The gas station attendant.

10. What is an ymbryne?
(a) Mostly men with a variety of abilities and responsibilities.
(b) Mostly women with a variety of abilities and responsibilities.
(c) One form of a wight.
(d) One form of a wood nymph.

11. What does Dr. Golan try to do for Jacob?
(a) Understand the meaning of his grandfather's last words.
(b) Understand his mother better.
(c) Understand the history behind the events Jacob's grandfather endured during WWII.
(d) Understand his grandfather better.

12. What does Millard explain to Jacob about the children?
(a) A few of them are peculiar.
(b) They are all orphans.
(c) They are all peculiar.
(d) They are all getting away from bad homelifes.

13. How does Jacob get to where his grandfather lives?
(a) Jacob drives himself.
(b) Ricky drives him.
(c) Jacob takes the bus.
(d) Jacob walks.

14. Where does Jacob's grandfather tell Jacob to go?
(a) To Russia.
(b) To a psychic.
(c) To the island.
(d) To the police.

15. What is the cause of the recent change Jacob discusses?
(a) His mother's death.
(b) A particular event and related to his grandfather.
(c) His brother's joining the military.
(d) His sister being kidnapped.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Jacob seen the view he sees from one end of the tunnel?

2. What does Martin Pagett say is the thing Jacob sees in the woods?

3. What does Jacob say has recently changed?

4. What is another photograph Abe shows Jacob?

5. What does Milliard look at as he is planning the escape of Emma, Jacob and himself?

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