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Ransom Riggs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What upsets Jacob when he opens what he found?
(a) It is empty.
(b) There is a picture of Dr. Golan.
(c) There is a picture of a peregrine falcon.
(d) There is a picture of his mother.

2. Where has Jacob seen the view he sees from one end of the tunnel?
(a) In a vision.
(b) In a photograph at his grandfather's house.
(c) In a nightmare.
(d) In the museum.

3. Who is Abe?
(a) Jacob's brother.
(b) Jacob's grandfather.
(c) Jacob's great uncle.
(d) The name Jacob uses at school.

4. What is one photograph Abe shows Jacob?
(a) A boy who can swim under water for hours.
(b) A girl who can fly.
(c) A boy who can become a leopard.
(d) A girl who can swim under water for hours.

5. Who gives Jacob and his father directions to their Inn?
(a) The librarian.
(b) The curator of the local museum.
(c) The only police person on the island.
(d) The gas station attendant.

6. From where had Abe escaped the Nazis?
(a) Hungary.
(b) Poland.
(c) Holland.
(d) France.

7. What does Jacob's aunt give him?
(a) A book of mechanical drawings.
(b) Jacob's grandfather's favorite pistol.
(c) A book of poetry.
(d) A collection of letters from Jacob's grandfather to an unknown man.

8. What do Jacob's father and aunt do?
(a) Take him to Canada on vacation.
(b) Take Jacob with them when they go to clean out Jacob's grandfather's home.
(c) Take him to France on vacation.
(d) Take him to the United States on vacation.

9. What does Jacob learn about "the home"?
(a) It is only about a mile from their inn.
(b) No one has ever heard of it.
(c) It is right next door to their inn.
(d) It is abandoned, far away and dangerous.

10. Who accuses Jacob of being a wight?
(a) A man at a fruit stand.
(b) The landlord at The Priest's Hole.
(c) An elderly woman.
(d) A girl he encounters in an ally.

11. Why does Jacob think people are staring at him?
(a) Because he's all muddy.
(b) Because he is badly sunburned.
(c) Because he is so pale.
(d) Because he is not known that well locally.

12. Why does Jacob not leave his home after the death of his grandfather?
(a) Because he is angry.
(b) Because he is fearful.
(c) Because he is confused.
(d) Because he is depressed.

13. What do the police sent to work with Jacob?
(a) No one.
(b) A grief counselor.
(c) A private dectective.
(d) A police artist.

14. What does Jacob find that he imagines once belonged to his grandfather?
(a) A journal.
(b) A suitcase.
(c) A moldy book.
(d) A briefcase.

15. What does Jacob's father say about Abe that angers Jacob?
(a) That Abe thought too highly of himself.
(b) That Abe might have been having an affair.
(c) That Abe only wanted Jacob to be confused.
(d) That Abe believed he had to save the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Golan try to do for Jacob?

2. What is coming out of the hands of a young girl in a photograph Jacob finds?

3. What is the year on the calendar in the hut where Jacob is taken?

4. Who is Ricky?

5. How does Abe take it when Jacob says he no longer believes Abe's stories?

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