Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Short Essay - Answer Key

Ransom Riggs
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Short Essay Questions Key

1. What does Jacob say about how his life has changed?

Narrator Jacob begins his story with a comment on how his life changed as the result of a particular event, and how at least part of that change is the result of his relationship with his Grandpa Portman (Abe).

2. What does Jacob say about his grandfather and a special school?

Jacob describes how his grandfather looked after him and told stories about his own childhood at a special school populated by peculiar children. He and all the other children went there, he says, to get away from the monsters that were after them.

3. What photographs does Abe show Jacob, and what does Jacob come to believe about Abe's stories?

Jacob describes how, as he grew older, he becomes more and more curious about the specifics, and the truth, of his grandfather's stories. Eventually Abe showed him photographs of the people he'd been talking about - a girl who can fly, an invisible boy, a brother and sister who can lift boulders. As he grows into adolescence, Jacob says, his disbelief increases, until one day, after being teased about the stories at school, he told his grandfather he didn't believe him any more.

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