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Ann B. Ross
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tip does Frank Tuttle eventually learn?
(a) A wealthy North Beach neighborhood is under observation.
(b) The Miami vice squad are on the trail of the thieves.
(c) The thieves reportedly struck in a South Beach neighborhood.
(d) A wealthy West Palm Beach neighborhood is under observation.

2. How does Julia convince Frank Tuttle to go along with her stakeout plan?
(a) She offers him more money.
(b) She promises to buy him a drink.
(c) She reminds him of his pay.
(d) She cries and begs for his help.

3. Who goes with Julia into the bushes?
(a) No one.
(b) Lloyd.
(c) Frank Tuttle.
(d) Etta Mae.

4. Whom does Julia choose clothing for?
(a) Herself.
(b) Etta Mae.
(c) Frank Tuttle.
(d) Lloyd.

5. What did Etta Mae purchase in chapter 31?
(a) Night vision goggles.
(b) A set of walkie-talkies.
(c) A pizza.
(d) New clothing.

6. Who helps rescue Julia from the SUV?
(a) Federal agents.
(b) Lloyd.
(c) Etta Mae.
(d) Frank Tuttle.

7. How do Julia and Etta Mae leave the West Palm Beach house without raising the owner's suspicion?
(a) They give the owner a free Bible.
(b) Julia prays over Etta Mae and she "revives."
(c) They thank the owner for his hospitality and invite him to church.
(d) They give the owner a tract and a free hymn CD.

8. What does Etta Mae do to gain entrance to a suspicious house?
(a) She sneaks in the back door while Julia speaks to the owner.
(b) She pretends to faint.
(c) She offers the owner a free Bible.
(d) She asks to use the restroom.

9. Why does Frank Tuttle think he should be in charge of the stakeout?
(a) Because he has the most experience in investigating.
(b) Because he is a man.
(c) Because Julia is frightened of the thieves.
(d) Because he is the oldest.

10. What does Julia compliment Frank Tuttle on?
(a) His bravery.
(b) His persistence.
(c) His ingenious thinking.
(d) His tie.

11. Which vehicle is pulled over by the police?
(a) Frank Tuttle's car.
(b) Julia's car.
(c) The first SUV.
(d) The second SUV.

12. What/who does Etta Mae regret leaving behind at the service station?
(a) Her bag of chips.
(b) The thief she befriended.
(c) Her jacket.
(d) Her favorite hat.

13. Who follows the SUVs as they leave the neighborhood?
(a) Local police.
(b) A black van.
(c) Federal agents.
(d) A black limousine.

14. What causes Julia to leave the SUV so quickly?
(a) A dog barks.
(b) She sets off a car alarm.
(c) She breaks a mirror.
(d) The thieves approch the SUVs.

15. In chapter 34, what does Julia have trouble remembering?
(a) What street the house is on.
(b) Where the bamboo thicket lies.
(c) Where she laid her car keys.
(d) Which house was the thieves' hideout.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disguise does Frank recommend that he, Julia, Etta Mae, and Lloyd take on during the stakeout?

2. What does Frank Tuttle begin to believe is assisting in Julia's uncanny good luck?

3. How does Julia react to the cashier's remarks?

4. What does the bar remind Ella Mae of?

5. Where does Julia plan to hold her stakeout?

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