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Ann B. Ross
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 3, what does Julia plan to buy for Lloyd?
(a) New tennis shoes.
(b) A new suitcase.
(c) A car.
(d) A dog.

2. While in the motel, what does Julia tell Lloyd to order?
(a) A cab.
(b) Chinese take-out.
(c) A pizza.
(d) Maid service.

3. Which guest from the party is accused of stealing Julia's rings?
(a) No one.
(b) Lloyd
(c) Lillian
(d) LuAnne

4. How does the answering service at the private investigator's office treat Julia?
(a) Respectfully.
(b) Patiently.
(c) Rudely.
(d) Cheerfully.

5. What does Julia do when a cab arrives at the motel?
(a) She sends it away.
(b) She sends Frank Tuttle home.
(c) She rides to Tuttle Investigations with Frank.
(d) She rides to a grocery store.

6. What list do Julia and Lillian study to begin their search for the rings?
(a) Sam's itinerary.
(b) The grocery list.
(c) Lloyd's class schedule.
(d) The guest list from the party.

7. What is Etta Mae's profession?
(a) Hospice nurse.
(b) Personal assistant to ill and elderly patients.
(c) Grocery store clerk.
(d) Pastor's wife.

8. Where does Julia find Frank Tuttle?
(a) The gas station.
(b) The Strip Hall.
(c) The police station.
(d) The beauty parlor next door to his office.

9. Who accompanies Frank Tuttle to the bar, much to his chagrin?
(a) Etta Mae.
(b) Julia and Etta Mae.
(c) Julia.
(d) Julia, Etta Mae and Lloyd.

10. What does Julia haggle over with Frank Tuttle?
(a) The price of new clothing.
(b) The investigating fee.
(c) The value of the jewels.
(d) The cost of breakfast.

11. What is LuAnne Conover's reaction when Julia phones her about the guest list?
(a) She is shocked and faints.
(b) She is offended and hangs up.
(c) She cries and admits her guilt.
(d) She accuses Lillian.

12. When Julia, Etta Mae, and Lloyd return from the fast food restaurant with lunch, what do they discover that Frank Tuttle has procured?
(a) A piece of Julia's jewelry.
(b) A new car.
(c) A new clue.
(d) A drink.

13. Whom does Julia see upon arriving at Tuttle Investigations?
(a) Mac McGruder.
(b) Frank Tuttle.
(c) No one. The office is deserted.
(d) Colman Bates.

14. While Julia prepares for her trip to the mall, whom does she encourage Lillian to spend time with?
(a) Lloyd.
(b) Lillian's great-granddaughter.
(c) Pastor Ledbetter.
(d) Sam.

15. Whom does Julia plan to take with her on her trip?
(a) Lillian.
(b) Mildred Allen.
(c) Lloyd.
(d) LuAnne Conover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank Tuttle do upon meeting Julia?

2. When Julia and Lloyd return from dinner, what is Frank Tuttle doing?

3. What does Julia promise Lloyd in chapter 15?

4. How does Julia feel about entering her dark, empty house upon returning from the theater?

5. What is Miss Julia's nickname for Lloyd?

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