Miss Julia Strikes Back Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann B. Ross
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1. What is Miss Julia's state of mind in chapter 1?

Miss Julia is panicked over the loss of her rings. She is so focused on her search that she neglects to explain to a bemused Lillian what she is looking for.

2. Why might Miss Julia seek out her maid, Lillian, for comfort and advice?

Despite the fact that Lillian is employed by Julia, she acts like a mother figure. Furthermore, both Julia's husband and housemate are away on trips, and Lillian is the only adult left in the house.

3. What does Lillian suggest that Julia do to cheer herself up?

At first, Lillian encourages Julia to have another party. Then she advises Julia to remodel another room in the house. Finally, she reminds Julia that she could have gone on vacation with either her husband or her housemate.

4. What concern does Lillian express about Julia's melancholy attitude?

Lillian appears to be concerned with Julia's frantic state of mind. She worries that Julia's attitude might begin to affect 12-year-old Lloyd, and attempts to calm her down.

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