Objects & Places from Miss Julia Strikes Back

Ann B. Ross
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Diamond Ring/Jewelry

The entire plot of the novel centers around these objects.

Spode China

This object is used at Miss Julia's party for its cheery nature.

Hazel Marie's Room

This location has recently been remodeled.


Sam is on a trip to this location.


Hazel Marie is on a vacation at this location.

Abbotsville, North Carolina

Julia lives in this area.

Duffel Bags

These items purchased from Target are found filled with cash.

Palm Beach, Florida

This location is the hideout of the jewel thieves.

Baseball Bat

This object lays secretly next to Julia's bed at night.

Lloyd's Cell Phone

Lloyd assists Julia in operating this device so she can contact Lillian.

Disney World

Etta Mae dreams of visiting this location.

The Strip Hall

Although morally offended by the sight of this place, Julia enters it to retrieve Frank Tuttle.

The Royal Palm Court

Julia stays...

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