Miss Julia Strikes Back Fun Activities

Ann B. Ross
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What Is Value?

What is the current value of gold in your area? Research the current value of gold per ounce. Using a digital scale, weigh different gold necklaces, rings and bracelets to determine their financial value. Remember, you are weighing only the gold - gemstones have a different value on the used market. Graph your results.

How Much for a Maid?

Julia confides in her maid as a friend. How much does she pay Lillian for her services? Research the cost of domestic services in your area. How much would you have to pay to enlist a maid's service? Would it be worth your time and money or would you want to clean your own house and make your own friends? Write a summary of your findings and opinions to present to the class,


List the name of everyone in your class in a column. Interview...

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