Miss Julia Strikes Back Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ann B. Ross
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Essay Topic 1

Julia is wealthy woman who can buy whatever she desires. Is Julia's quest for her rings motivated by the financial value of her loss, the sentimental value of her rings, or simply the excitement of the chase? What value does she place on the rings, herself, and other characters? What value does she place on personal relationships? Who or what seems to hold the highest value for her and why?

Essay Topic 2

Lillian is Julia's employee. Why does Julia seek out Lillian for comfort and advice? Since Julia is the one seeking out Lillian for advice, why then might she feel the need to scold Lillian for being "nosy"? What does this say about Julia's emotional needs?

Essay Topic 3

Lillian appears to be the only member of the family to see Lloyd's nickname as demeaning. Is there any evidence that the nickname offends Lloyd? Why might...

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