Miss Julia Strikes Back Character Descriptions

Ann B. Ross
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Miss Julia

This character is strong-willed and independent, yet bored and seeks adventure.


This young character is skilled in electronics and is very polite.


This character spends most of the novel on vacation in Russia.

Mr. Pickens

This character secretly vacations in Mexico and is a private investigator.

Sergeant Coleman Bates

A former housemate, this character provides a significant clue to the location of the stolen jewels.

Opal Nixon

This character receives recognition for redecorating a room.

LuAnne Conover

This character is contacted for information about the guests of the party.

Mildred Allen

A resident of Abbotsville, this character has also had jewelery stolen.

Frank Tuttle

A filthy drunk, this character does have a talent for investigation.

Ralph Peterson

This character sells luxury cars.

Mac McGruder

This character is an officer with the Palm Beach Police Department.


This character is lured away from an SUV...

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