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Ann B. Ross
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Julia meet with Dr. Fowler?
(a) To show him around town.
(b) For an annual check-up.
(c) For a therapy session.
(d) To get financial advice.

2. Who is Leonard Conover?
(a) A college professor.
(b) The newspaper editor.
(c) The prosecuting attorney.
(d) The Clerk of Courts.

3. What does Hazel do to keep Brother Vern away from her?
(a) She shoots him.
(b) She has a restraining order put out on him.
(c) She has him arrested.
(d) She gives information that sends him to prison.

4. Where does Julia meet Dr. Fowler?
(a) At a restaurant.
(b) At church.
(c) At a museum.
(d) At Starbucks.

5. Why do the women make a stop by the side of the road?
(a) So Hazel can relieve herself.
(b) They are arguing.
(c) They need to read a map.
(d) They get a flat tire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the sole beneficiary of Wesley Lloyd's second will?

2. Why is Lillian crying in Julia's house?

3. Where does Julia put the second will for safekeeping?

4. To what does Dr. Fowler say he will testify?

5. What is Julia's reaction to the news that Hazel and Little Lloyd will be leaving?

Short Essay Questions

1. To whom does Little Lloyd entrust the item that his father gave to him on the night that he died?

2. How is Julia affected by Hazel's news that she and Little Lloyd will be leaving?

3. What is the embarrassing scenario which causes Julia to faint in the bridal chapel?

4. What does Sam announce about the will to the assembled group?

5. Why does Julia offer a reward at Brother Vern's request?

6. How does Julia try to find Brother Vern?

7. Why does Julia unbutton her dress and what is the reaction of the people gathered in her home?

8. Describe the chaos in Julia's house with all the characters assembled with various agendas.

9. What is the nature of the visit of Pastor Ledbetter and Dr. Fowler?

10. What options does Julia consider regarding the new will?

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