Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann B. Ross
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1. How recently has Julia Springer been widowed and what is she doing as the novel begins?

Julia Springer, a widow in her late sixties, starts another normal day, spending time catalog shopping, happily settled into her life as the widow of a prominent and important man, Wesley Lloyd Springer. Wesley Lloyd had been buried several months earlier after Julia found him dead of a heart attack in his new Buick.

2. What does Julia learn about her husband's wealth and her inheritance?

The shock of her husband dying was quickly followed by the shock of the fortune he had left behind. Though Julia has never dealt with anything financial before, she learns quickly, despite the fact that many people, including members of her church feel that she should not be handling such a fortune.

3. Who arrives at Julia's house to interrupt her morning?

As Lillian, Julia's housekeeper of twenty years, prepares lunch in the kitchen, Julia is interrupted by the doorbell. Prepared to tell the woman at the door that she does not want anything she is selling, Julia is floored when the woman tells her that the boy with her is Wesley Lloyd's son and he needs to stay with Julia so that she can go and get trained to do nails in Raleigh.

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