Objects & Places from Mislaid

Nell Zink
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Acid Tabs

These are small pieces of paper with drops of illegal drugs, and they play a role in the plot that brings main characters together through an inopportune party at a college party.

The Lake at Stillwater College

This natural feature serves as a boundary to separate Lee Fleming from the community he lives near.


This is the illegal drug that one of the main characters has been selling, thinking it was cocaine.

University of Virginia

This is the educational institution where the children of separated parents rediscover each other, and expose long-suppressed facts about their origins.

Shack in the Woods

This is a place without heat or indoor plumbing, where two main characters take refuge until enrolling in school.

Squirrel Sanctuary

This is a plot of land that is purchased as a way to launder drug money.

VW Thing

This is a car that is...

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