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Short Answer Questions

1. How many presents does Annie bring to Paul?

2. Who is in the accident?

3. Annie says that unless Paul burns "Fast Cars" she will no longer give him any ____.

4. What might happen if Paul does not receive his medication?

5. Which card does Annie find in Paul's wallet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of sounds does Paul hear from the adjoining room while he slips in and out of consciousness?

2. What does Paul think about regarding the site of the car crash?

3. What is one of the first reactions Paul had when he woke up at Annie's house?

4. Discuss the scene in which Paul asks Annie to replace the typing paper.

5. How is Paul able to know what is wrong with Annie's mental state?

6. When Paul describes the smell first associated with Annie, what does he say?

7. Explain how Paul knows how to pick locks. Paul begins to escape from the bedroom after he managed to pick the lock. What did Paul forget to check?

8. What is Annie's opinion of Paul's first draft? To what does she compare it?

9. How does Paul keep track of the time in light of his bouts of unconsciousness? What does Paul wonder about the change of the seasons?

10. Paul creates a vivid description of Annie comparing her to a natural force. What is the force?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The most violent and gruesome act Annie commits regarding Paul is the hobbling of his foot and leg. Examine hobbling. What is it? Why does Annie do it? What is the purpose? Could Paul die from the action? What is the history behind it?

Essay Topic 2

Paul Sheldon is in tremendous pain after the accident. Discuss the medication Paul receives from Annie. What is the medication? Does the medicine really exist? What type of medication is it? When is Paul given the medication? How much does Annie administer? Where did Annie get the medication? What type of side effects does Paul experience from taking the drugs? What happens if Paul misses a dose?

Essay Topic 3

Paul finally returns to New York after his ordeal with Annie. Explain Paul's return to the city. Where does Paul go? Why does he move? What is the reaction of his agent and editor? Why is Paul such big news? Is Paul excited or offended that he is being offered so much money for a book regardless of its genre or worth? How much do you think Paul will get for his next book? What do you think Paul will do next? Do you think there will be any more Misery books?

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