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Short Answer Questions

1. Paul compares the machine to what old fashioned item?

2. Where has Paul finished every book since 1974?

3. Paul hopes that which of the following will be found?

4. Paul wonders if God or ____ could be so cruel.

5. How many presents does Annie bring to Paul?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Annie upset at the tax man? What is Paul's explanation?

2. How is Paul able to know what is wrong with Annie's mental state?

3. What does Paul come to realize in regard to the Novril?

4. What does Paul say after Annie smashes his knee?

5. What causes Paul to cry in the bathroom? What happens next?

6. Why does Annie handcuff Paul? What does Annie do to keep Paul quiet?

7. Annie makes a suggestion about Misery's alleged death. What is the suggestion? What is Paul's reaction to the suggestion? What is Annie's reply?

8. What does Paul think about Misery and the direction his career is taking as a result of the best selling series?

9. What part of Paul's anatomy does Annie pinch in order to get his attention?

10. What does Paul surmise regarding his fame and Annie's actions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul Sheldon is in tremendous pain after the accident. Discuss the medication Paul receives from Annie. What is the medication? Does the medicine really exist? What type of medication is it? When is Paul given the medication? How much does Annie administer? Where did Annie get the medication? What type of side effects does Paul experience from taking the drugs? What happens if Paul misses a dose?

Essay Topic 2

It is obvious that Annie Wilkes suffers from a serious mental illness. What are the issues suffered by Annie? Use examples from the book and explain Annie's problems. What do you think causes these issues? Do you think Annie has ever sought any type of psychiatric treatment? If so, do you think it was voluntary? What might have helped Annie with her issues?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Paul's view on the Misery books. What is Paul's opinion on the books that have made him so rich and famous? What is Paul's plan for Misery? How does Annie change Paul's views? Also discuss Paul's new book, "Fast Cars." Compare and contrast it with the Misery series. Why does Paul want to switch genres? Do you think "Fast Cars" will be as successful as the Misery series? Explain.

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