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Short Answer Questions

1. What movie is referenced in regards to the dream?

2. Paul compares the machine to what old fashioned item?

3. Paul hopes that which of the following will be found?

4. How much of an increase is there in Annie's bill?

5. Which body part of Paul's is smashed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Annie handcuff Paul? What does Annie do to keep Paul quiet?

2. What part of Paul's anatomy does Annie pinch in order to get his attention?

3. Paul's skill as a writer often comes out through dreams and fantasies. Discuss at least one episode involving the sportscasters.

4. Discuss the dream in which Annie is riding on a magic carpet.

5. What is Annie's opinion of Paul's first draft? To what does she compare it?

6. How does Annie describe herself to Paul?

7. What causes Paul to cry in the bathroom? What happens next?

8. How does Paul describe the ceiling in his room?

9. Annie makes a suggestion about Misery's alleged death. What is the suggestion? What is Paul's reaction to the suggestion? What is Annie's reply?

10. Explain how Paul knows how to pick locks. Paul begins to escape from the bedroom after he managed to pick the lock. What did Paul forget to check?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several traditions Paul has when he is on the verge of finishing a book. Discuss at least four of the traditions and why they are important to Paul as a writer.

Essay Topic 2

Annie frequently tells Paul that the things she does are for his own good. Does Annie really believe that she is helping Paul? If so, what is Annie's reasoning and purpose? If not, what is the real reason that Annie is keeping Paul hostage? Do you think Annie is trying to assuage her guilt by convincing herself that she is helping Paul? In what areas does Paul need Annie's help? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Paul discovers Annie's scrapbook and the news clippings of the murders that were committed by Annie. Discuss Annie's murderous history. Who was Annie's first victim? How old was Annie at the time of the murder? What caused Annie to commit murder for the first time? Who were Annie's second and third victims? How long was it after the first murder that Annie killed victims two and three? Why did Annie murder those people?

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