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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will be the name of the new project?

2. When do the stories take place?

3. Paul is frustrated because he cannot reach which of the following?

4. Who approaches Geoffrey's house with a warning about strange noises in the graveyard?

5. Paul almost knocks over which of Annie's knick knacks?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Paul describes the smell first associated with Annie, what does he say?

2. What does Paul think about Misery and the direction his career is taking as a result of the best selling series?

3. What does Annie want in return for the gifts? What is Annie's explanation?

4. What is going through Paul's mind as Annie explains her point about the "cheat?"

5. What does Paul say after Annie smashes his knee?

6. Paul's skill as a writer often comes out through dreams and fantasies. Discuss at least one episode involving the sportscasters.

7. Why is Annie upset at the tax man? What is Paul's explanation?

8. Discuss the scene in which Paul asks Annie to replace the typing paper.

9. How does Paul describe the ceiling in his room?

10. Explain how Paul knows how to pick locks. Paul begins to escape from the bedroom after he managed to pick the lock. What did Paul forget to check?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul often pictures Annie in the courtroom. Describe the scene. Why is Annie in court? Has she been charged, indicted or convicted of a crime? If so, what? Where is the courtroom? Who else is present? What is Annie's demeanor? Why does the image seem to haunt Paul? Is the courtroom scene a fabrication of Paul's imagination, or is it accurate? What does Annie tell Paul about the trial? What is the outcome? How does it affect Annie both personally and professionally?

Essay Topic 2

Paul finally returns to New York after his ordeal with Annie. Explain Paul's return to the city. Where does Paul go? Why does he move? What is the reaction of his agent and editor? Why is Paul such big news? Is Paul excited or offended that he is being offered so much money for a book regardless of its genre or worth? How much do you think Paul will get for his next book? What do you think Paul will do next? Do you think there will be any more Misery books?

Essay Topic 3

Write a complete character description of Paul Sheldon. Who is Paul Sheldon? What is his age? What is Sheldon's profession? Why is Sheldon in Colorado? What is Sheldon's purpose for drinking Dom Perignon? Explain how Sheldon gets involved with Annie Wilkes and "Misery's Return." Also, discuss what happens to Paul after he returns to New York.

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