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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What treat does Annie bring to Paul?
(a) Ice cream.
(b) Pie.
(c) Hot chocolate.
(d) Cake.

2. What is the new total owed immediately?
(a) $506.17.
(b) $512.36.
(c) $493.19.
(d) $399.27.

3. What do the people out on the road call Annie?
(a) Jezebel.
(b) Witch.
(c) Dragon Lady.
(d) Devil Woman.

4. Where is the hospital located?
(a) New York.
(b) Boulder.
(c) Denver.
(d) Chicago.

5. According to Hezekiah, what object holds incredible power?
(a) Rock.
(b) Amulet.
(c) Idol.
(d) Totem.

Short Answer Questions

1. What letter is the third to come off the typewriter in this section?

2. What surrounds Misery?

3. Where does Annie's alibi claim she went?

4. What adjective is used to describe this character?

5. How much money will supposedly be requested for Paul's next book, no matter what it is?

Short Essay Questions

1. At this point, according to Paul, for whom is he writing the story?

2. What makes Paul question if Annie is really dead?

3. Paul listens as the cops talk to Annie in the living room. What particular aspects about the conversation gives Paul hope?

4. Explain the book found on the coffee table in the living room. What does the book contain?

5. Discuss the things Paul is given while in the cellar. What is Paul without until Annie returns?

6. What does Paul keep saying to himself when the troopers arrive?

7. What injury does Annie inflict on Paul at this time? What caused Annie to take such drastic measures?

8. How does Paul explain the process of writing to Annie?

9. What does Annie bring to Paul to celebrate the completion of the writing?

10. Describe the scene in which Paul dreams about Carl Wilkes' death.

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