Misery Fun Activities

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Watch the Movie

Watch the movie "Misery." How is it different than the book? Which do you like better?

Start a Book Club

Start a book club at home or at school. What types of books do you want to read? Who might join the group? Would you focus on a particular genre? Would Stephen King be on your list of favored authors?

Read More King

Choose one or more of Stephen King's other books to read just for fun. How does it compare to "Misery"?

Write a Journal Entry

Write a journal entry from Paul's point of view regarding his entire experience with Annie.

Create a Collage

Create a collage or puzzle with rodents as the main theme. For example, you may want to refer to famous rodents like Groundhog Phil or Mickey Mouse.

Watch Scary Rat Movies

Watch scary rat movies similar in nature to Misery...

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