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Part 1, Chapters 1-16

• Paul Sheldon is a famous writer traveling to Colorado.

• Sheldon is caught in a storm and wrecks his Camaro.

• Annie Wilkes finds Sheldon and carries him back to her farmhouse.

• Annie is Paul's number one fan.
• Annie speaks with Sheldon for the first time.

• Annie is a nurse.

• Annie tends to Sheldon's wounds.

• Annie gives Sheldon medication to ease the pain.

• Sheldon is unconscious a great deal of the time.

• Annie and Sheldon discuss Misery at length.

• Sheldon does not immediately reveal that he has written a new book.

• Sheldon wants to be free of Misery.
• Sheldon realizes quickly that Annie is psychotic.

• Annie gets a copy of "Misery's Child."

• Sheldon knows Annie will not take it well when she learns about Misery's death.

• Annie reads "Fast Cars" and hates it.

• Annie tortures Sheldon whenever he does not bend to her will.
• Annie finishes reading...

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