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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alceste apologize to Oronte for?
(a) Sending him to court.
(b) Criticizing his sonnet.
(c) Being difficult.
(d) Lying to him.

2. Who is Dubois?
(a) Alceste's wife.
(b) Acaste's servant.
(c) Alceste's servant.
(d) Alceste's cousin.

3. Why does Celimene feel she needs help in answering Alceste and Oronte?
(a) Celimene wants Eliante's advice.
(b) Celimene wants Eliante to answer for her.
(c) Celimene wants to leave the room.
(d) Celimene is hoping for sympathy.

4. What is Alceste upset in Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) He lost his court case.
(b) Dubois was lying.
(c) He lost Célimène.
(d) Philinte is badgering him.

5. In the letter that is the subject of Act 5, Scene 4, who is made fun of and criticized?
(a) Basque.
(b) Dubois.
(c) Arsinoé.
(d) Célimène's suitors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under what condition does Celimene say she will marry Alceste?

2. What does Alceste state he does after seeing Celimene's letter?

3. What does Philinte encourage Alceste to do?

4. Who confronts Celimene in Act 5, Scene 2?

5. What did Dubois forget in Act 4, Scene 4?

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