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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oronte do when he meets Alceste?
(a) Accuses him of taking his girlfriend.
(b) Asks for his friendship and a hug.
(c) Tells him off.
(d) Begins to cry.

2. Where do the character go during Act Two, Scene Four?
(a) To the kitchen.
(b) To the sitting room.
(c) To the gallery.
(d) Outside.

3. Oronte's leaving suggests what about his asking for honest opinions on his sonnet?
(a) That Oronte really wants flattery, not honesty.
(b) That Oronte is not very nice.
(c) That Oronte does not like Alceste and Philinte.
(d) That Oronte thinks the poem is better than it is.

4. While listening to Oronte's sonnet, what might Alceste have learned that he does not want to share with Philinte?
(a) That Oronte loves Celimene more than Alceste does.
(b) That Alceste loves himself more than he loves Celimene.
(c) That Alceste is not an honest person.
(d) That Oronte's situation with Celimene is similar to his own.

5. Act 2, Scene 1, starts with a heated discussion between which two characters?
(a) Alceste and Celimene.
(b) Alceste and Philinte.
(c) Alceste and Eliante.
(d) Oronte and Celimene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who indicates that Oronte's sonnet is horrible and he does not back down from that criticism?

2. In Act 2, Scene 3, who announces the arrival of another guest downstairs for Célimène?

3. How does Alceste react to the news of yet another visitor?

4. What does Celimene think she is doing by accepting many suitors?

5. What do Acaste and Clitandre agree to do if Celimene shows a preference to one of them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Philinte encourages Alceste to appeal the verdict from his lawsuit. What are Alceste's reasons for not appealing the verdict?

2. What is Éliante's reaction to the marriage proposal in Act 4, Scene 2?

3. What is the reaction of the other characters toward Alceste being summoned to court?

4. Why is it ironic that Alceste is upset with Celimene talking about the members of the royal court?

5. After hearing the news from Dubois about the note left by a friend, why does Alceste think there must be some mistake?

6. In Act 3, Scene 3, how does Célimène's reaction when she hears Arsinoé is at the door differ from her reaction when suitors arrive?

7. Oronte asks Alceste and Philinte for an honest opinion of his sonnet. Why does Alceste warn Oronte before he begins reading the sonnet?

8. Why does Philinte want Alceste not to be so honest about his thoughts on Oronte's love poem?

9. In Act 2, Scene 2, Alceste is in the middle of his argument with Celimene when Basque announces a visitor. Why does Celimene invite the visitor inside? Explain.

10. What does Alceste accuse Célimène of and why?

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