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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Act 4, Scene 3, what is Alceste unable to do?
(a) Tell Philinte to marry Eliante.
(b) Confront Celimene.
(c) Break up with Celimene.
(d) Marry Arsinoe.

2. In Act 5, Scene 2, what Celimene is asked to do?
(a) Confess her infidelity.
(b) Move away.
(c) Marry Clitandre.
(d) Choose between Oronte and Alceste.

3. What happens when humans are habitually dishonest?
(a) They lose friends.
(b) They believe their lies.
(c) The lose the ability to tell the truth.
(d) They are sued.

4. Who does Alceste say he never seeks comfort with?
(a) Arsinoe.
(b) Philinte.
(c) Eliante.
(d) Celimene.

5. How does Alceste respond to Arsinoe's suggestion that he play a more official role at court?
(a) Alceste leaves the room.
(b) Alceste thanks Arsinoe for the compliment.
(c) Alceste wonders where Celimene has gone.
(d) Alceste wonders out loud why he would want to be a court official.

6. During their conversation, what does Eliante admit to Philinte about Alceste?
(a) Eliante does not like Alceste.
(b) Eliante hopes Alceste marries Celimene.
(c) Eliante wishes Alceste would be in love with her.
(d) Eliante is Alceste's cousin.

7. Who says Célimène must speak her mind now?
(a) Alceste and Philinte.
(b) Oronte and Éliante.
(c) Philinte and Éliante.
(d) Alceste and Oronte.

8. How does Célimène handle the confrontation in Act 5, Scene 2 ?
(a) Acts shy.
(b) Acts angry.
(c) Refuses to answer.
(d) Acts sad.

9. What reason does Alceste state for why he does not want to wait to marry Eliante?
(a) He does not change his mind.
(b) The winter is a better time for a wedding.
(c) There is no time.
(d) He may change his mind.

10. What do Acaste and Clitandre do with the new letter?
(a) Throw it out.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Read it aloud.
(d) Read it to themselves.

11. Arsinor states that Celimene is not popular for what?
(a) Her virtue.
(b) Her money.
(c) Her looks.
(d) Her personality.

12. What do the men understand of Celimene?
(a) Her slience.
(b) Her sadness.
(c) Her confusion.
(d) Her rebellion.

13. How does Philinte say Alceste's accuser will be harmed?
(a) His poetry will suffer.
(b) Célimène will not like him.
(c) His reputation will suffer because of the lies.
(d) He will not be able to look in the mirror.

14. Who is not sympathetic to Célimène in the beginning of Act 5, Scene 3?
(a) Arsinoé.
(b) Philinte.
(c) Alceste.
(d) Éliante.

15. Who is Dubois?
(a) Alceste's servant.
(b) Alceste's wife.
(c) Acaste's servant.
(d) Alceste's cousin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Instead of excitement, what is Célimène's reaction to Arsinoé in Act 3, Scene 3?

2. Which word best describes Alceste's most prominent trait?

3. After Philinte confesses his love for Eliante, who comes in the room?

4. Why is Arsinoe eager to be alone with Alceste?

5. What does Arsinoe value?

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