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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Alceste refuse to get legal help with the lawsuit in which he is involved?
(a) Alceste knows he is in the wrong.
(b) Alceste thinks the lawsuit is a waste of time.
(c) Alceste cannot afford an attorney.
(d) Alceste feels telling the truth should be enough.

2. At the beginning of Act Three, Scene One who talks in private?
(a) Clitandre and Basque.
(b) Basque and Acaste.
(c) Clitandre and Acaste.
(d) Clitandre and Celimene.

3. Besides Alceste, who also has a case pending in court?
(a) Acaste.
(b) Célimène.
(c) Philinte.
(d) Éliante.

4. At the end of Act 2, Scene 1, we discover Alceste wishes he could do what?
(a) Stop loving Célimène.
(b) Stop being honest.
(c) Run away from his court case.
(d) Start being dishonest.

5. What does Alceste wish, concerning Oronte's sonnet?
(a) That it is not about Celimene.
(b) That Oronte does not read it aloud.
(c) That he likes it.
(d) That it is longer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 3, Scene 2, who enters the room?

2. In Act 2, Scene 1, what is a source of contention between Alceste and others?

3. Oronte's leaving suggests what about his asking for honest opinions on his sonnet?

4. What is Alceste unable to do for others or for himself?

5. At first, how does Célimène react to Alceste's reaction to the visitor in Act 2, Scene 3?

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