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Write a sonnet to Moliere about why you do or do not like "The Misanthrope."

The Love Game

Make a chart of the multiple love equations happening in the first half of the play. Show who is in love with whom and whom that person is in love with.

Character sketches

Students choose one character and write a detailed character sketch.

Exploring French Comedy

Write down your views about the following: Moliere was famous for satirical comedy. What is it about "The Misanthrope" that makes it a comedy? Given the time period in which the play was written, do the same things that made the play funny in 1666 still elicit audience laughs today? Explain.

Alceste's Annoyances

Make a list of all of the character flaws that annoy Alceste.


Students list all the characters on a piece of paper. Since the characters represent some virtue of concept...

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