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Essay Topic 1

Research Moliere and the time period in which he lived. Write a brief summary about what may have motivated Moliere to write "The Misanthrope" and how the play was received by his contemporaries.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the theme of honesty and compassion throughout the play. Be sure to explain the importance of the opening scene between Alceste, Philinte, and the person he meets but cannot remember.

Essay Topic 3

What two things does the reader learn from the argument between Philine and Alceste? Identify the points in the argument that lead the reader to this discovery. Why does the author use an argument to make his point? Can he express these issues in a different way?

Essay Topic 4

As Act 1, Scene 1, opens, Alceste and Philinte are discussing their beliefs in honesty versus politeness. Describe these differences, as the characters see them, between being honest and being polite...

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