The Misanthrope Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Acaste - This character is one of the two marquis in love with the same woman and confronts the woman with love letters.

Alceste - This character is the misanthrope referred to in the title.

Arsinoe - This character is a hypocrite and that, while unattractive, pretends to be prudish and pious.

Basque - This character is the servant and occasionally enters to announce the arrival of guests.

Celimene - This character is a very attractive and very flirtatious young widow who is pursued simultaneously by at least four different men.

Clitandre - This character is one of the two marquis and is referred to as a love-struck loon.

Du Bois - This character is a servant and enters in Act Four to inform of a mysterious letter pertaining to a lawsuit.

Eliante - This character is one of the main character's cousin.

Officer - This character...

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