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Act 1, Scene 1

• Alceste and Philinte discuss hypocrisy in society while waiting for Celimene and her cousin, Eliante, to return from shopping.

• Philinte believes people should be polite, even if politeness means dishonesty to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

• Alceste thinks people should be honest at all times, and to be otherwise means being hypocritical.

• Alceste is in love with Celimene, although he considers her a flirt and gossip.

• Celimene's cousin, Eliante, is very fond of Alceste, but he states that love is not bound by reason.

• Alceste and Philinte reveal that Alceste is being sued, but he refuses to obtain a lawyer, insisting that his honesty is all he needs.

• We are introduced to Alceste, Philinte, and Célimène.

• Alceste is in love with Célimène.

• Alceste is disgusted with humanity and hypocrisy, and is facing an upcoming court issue.

• Alceste and Philinte introduce the theme of...

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