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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lucrezia decide to poison Bianca with in "Two Bites from the Apple"?
(a) A poisoned knife.
(b) An apple from the branch of the Tree of Knowledge.
(c) Primavera's fig pudding that Bianca used to love.
(d) A tonic made of apples and ginger beer.

2. Who does Vicente observe looking at Bianca's coffin in "Vigil"?
(a) A hunter.
(b) Lucrezia.
(c) A group of little people and a boulder.
(d) Seven small men and a dog.

3. What does Lucrezia decide that she needs to possess in "Thais"?
(a) The third apple from The Tree of Knowledge.
(b) Italy's crown.
(c) Her father's papal robe.
(d) Vicente's mirror.

4. What does the eighth dwarf do in "A Beast in the Wall"?
(a) He sleeps for four days straight.
(b) He eats a whole tub of grapes.
(c) He makes a tunnel for Vicente to escape through.
(d) He sets fire to a wooden monument.

5. Where was the monastery where Ranuccio went after he released Bianca in the woods?
(a) San Erasmo.
(b) Perugia.
(c) Bergamo.
(d) Cirocenia.

6. How does Lucrezia feel when Vicente returns to Montefiore?
(a) Scared and paranoid.
(b) Shocked and delighted.
(c) Nervous and happy.
(d) Confused.

7. What do the dwarves marvel at in "Fire and Ivy"?
(a) How long it has been since Vicente has visited.
(b) The bright sun.
(c) Bianca's beauty.
(d) Their new form.

8. Who returns to Montefiore with Bianca in "Montefiore"?
(a) The dwarves.
(b) Ranuccio.
(c) Cesare.
(d) Michelotto.

9. Who kisses Bianca in "Fire and Ivy"?
(a) Ranuccio.
(b) Michelotto.
(c) Prince Dschem.
(d) Cesare.

10. Why does Bianca have to find a pump to draw water from in "The Dwarves"?
(a) To wash her face.
(b) She wants to clean the very dirty floors.
(c) She starts her menstrual period.
(d) She is thirsty.

11. What do the dwarves tell Bianca they would like returned to them in "The Dwarves"?
(a) Their money.
(b) The mirror.
(c) Montefiore.
(d) Their dignity.

12. What does Vicente notice in the corner of his cell in "A Beast in the Wall"?
(a) A snake.
(b) A tree trunk.
(c) A boulder.
(d) A growing flower.

13. Where does Vicente find the branch from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?
(a) In the forest.
(b) Behind glass in a chapel.
(c) In a locked case.
(d) In Cesare's private quarters.

14. What does Lucrezia use to poison Bianca in "An Ivory Comb, My Dear"?
(a) A cup of tea.
(b) A piece of cake.
(c) An ivory comb.
(d) A hat pin.

15. What is Lucrezia overjoyed by in "The Heart of the Matter"?
(a) The news that she is pregnant.
(b) The news that she will become the new head of Italy.
(c) The news that Bianca is awake.
(d) The prospect of supreme knowledge and immortality.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Theo Bombast von Hohenheim also known as?

2. What did Ranuccio go to the monastery to do?

3. What does Vicente observe about the thing he sees in the corner of his cell in "A Beast in the Wall"?

4. How old is Lucrezia's son Rodrigo when he dies?

5. What does Bianca see when she looks around at the beginning of "The Dwarves"?

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