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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: 1519.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bianca have to find a pump to draw water from in "The Dwarves"?
(a) She wants to clean the very dirty floors.
(b) She is thirsty.
(c) To wash her face.
(d) She starts her menstrual period.

2. What does Ranuccio find impossible to do since the meeting near the waterfall?
(a) Empathize with non-humans.
(b) Kill without feeling intense guilt and remorse.
(c) Believe in fantastical creatures.
(d) Walk in the woods alone.

3. Why does it take some time for the dwarves to notice the unconscious Bianca in "The Oval Window"?
(a) Bianca is underneath a blanket.
(b) Bianca is hidden in a closet.
(c) The dwarves are not able to easily notice something that does not move.
(d) They are preoccupied with deciding where to hang the mirror.

4. Who sends Lucrezia to the open water in "The Heart of the Matter"?
(a) Bianca and Ranuccio.
(b) The dwarves.
(c) Vicente.
(d) The buck who Ranuccio killed.

5. What happens the more the dwarves eat?
(a) They become smarter.
(b) They shink.
(c) They become stronger and taller.
(d) They become more human-like and animated.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the dwarves affix the glass from the mirror to the lid of Bianca's coffin?

2. What does Prince Dschem claim to be in possession of in "Prince Dschem's Secret"?

3. What does Vicente observe about the thing he sees in the corner of his cell in "A Beast in the Wall"?

4. How have the dwarves changed by the chapter "Fire and Ivy"?

5. Why do dwarves go to church?

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