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Part One: 1502

• The protagonist, Bianca, is introduced.

• Montefiore, Bianca's family home, is described.

• Vicente finds a mirror.

• Primavera and Fra Ludovico are introduced.

• Vicente goes on a business trip.

• The dwarves are introduced.

• Cesare and Lucrezia are introduced. They arrive at Montefiore.

• Bianca can sense Lucrezia's disinterest in her.

• Lucrezia asks the mirror a question.

• Cesare sends Vicente to retrieve the branch from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Part Two: 1506

• Bianca tries to run away from home but can't.

• Vicente writes to Bianca and tells her she will receive a great deal of money when she turns eighteen.

• Vicente is being held in prison. He begins to forget about his daughter.

• Lucrezia asks the mirror who the fairest of all is.

• Background information is given on how Vicente became entangled with the Borgias.

• Cesare leaves Montefiore.

• Lucrezia arranges for Ranuccio to kill Bianca in...

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