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Short Answer Questions

1. What action of Helen's does Annie find objectionable?

2. Helen's trip with Annie will be to what city?

3. How many words did Annie succeed in adding to Helen's vocabulary?

4. What word does the doll say?

5. Who is spying on Annie and Helen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Annie moved Helen out into the garden house so that they could be isolated from the rest of the family. What was the purpose in the move? What action did Annie take previously to confuse Helen? Did the plan work? How did Kate react?

Essay Topic 2

Several months later, the reader/viewer is witness to Helen and the family preparing for Christmas. Helen is shown writing. What tool has Annie employed to help Helen to write? How would Helen be able to learn to write so quickly? What does Helen do with this new found skill? How does Annie react to Helen's progress?

Essay Topic 3

Several times throughout the story, Annie separates Helen from Kate. Why? What kind of influence did Kate have on Helen? On Annie? Was Kate's influence more or less important or powerful that that of Captain Keller? What point did Annie prove by taking Helen to the garden house? Explain.

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