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Short Answer Questions

1. How much will the helper be paid per month?

2. What item(s) does the older gentleman hold in his hands?

3. What item does Kate bring to Annie and Helen's place?

4. What prop is most commonly seen in the yard?

5. Helen has a history of exhibiting what characteristic?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe Helen? Does Helen's physical appearance give any signs to her infirmities?

2. What is a surprising result of Helen's teaching in regards to Kate?

3. Why is there an argument over Helen at the dinner table?

4. After spending time in Annie's room, Helen storms out and locks the door, leaving Annie trapped. What is the purpose of the locked door?

5. Why do you think the focus in the beginning comes from Helen as she stares out of her crib?

6. What is Dr. Howe's diagnosis for Helen and his advice for her recovery?

7. Who recommends the oculist to Captain Keller? What is Keller's reaction to the suggestion that the doctor be contacted?

8. What is one of the main concerns of Anagnos regarding Annie Sullivan's position as governess with the Kellers?

9. What might have happened to Helen if Annie had not taken the job?

10. What is Kate's reason for not disciplining Helen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Under the surface, Annie and Helen are quite a lot alike. Compare and contrast the personalities of each. Do the two complement each other? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Captain Keller and Dr. Howe are both men at the tops of their respective professions. Compare and contrast the personalities and professional lives of the two men.

Essay Topic 3

Annie's journey from Boston to Alabama was used as a metaphor to describe what action and emotion? What was the Keller carriage used to represent in regards to Annie? How did the carriage represent James? How did it represent the Kellers?

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