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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the gift presented by the doctor?

2. What year does the story begin?

3. The Kellers are amazed when Helen learns to use what item?

4. What prop is most commonly seen in the yard?

5. What is supposedly wrong with the baby?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who recommends the oculist to Captain Keller? What is Keller's reaction to the suggestion that the doctor be contacted?

2. Why does James feel ashamed at seeing the activity in the garden house?

3. Several scenes are focused on letters written to various characters. Early on, Keller writes to Dr. Chisholm, who refers Keller to Alexander Graham Bell. What is the purpose of showing the exchanging of letters?

4. How does Helen react when Annie touches her face? Why?

5. What is the purpose of dividing the stage into quadrants?

6. What is the recommendation from Alexander Graham Bell to Captain Keller?

7. How do the Kellers realize that Helen is blind and deaf?

8. How does the author describe Helen? Does Helen's physical appearance give any signs to her infirmities?

9. What do Annie and Helen do once they are at the water pump?

10. Why do you think the focus in the beginning comes from Helen as she stares out of her crib?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a highly effective method of using lighting on stage as well as in television. Cite at least three examples of how lighting was used as foreshadowing and how that knowledge affected the reader/viewer's perceptions.

Essay Topic 2

The scenes at the dinner table caused the most friction between Annie and Captain Keller. What did Captain Keller plan to do about Annie's disrespect? How did the Captain feel when James took Annie's side? What might have happened if Annie had given in to Captain Keller and permitted Helen to run wild like she did before?

Essay Topic 3

The author describes Helen's appearance as well as her behaviors. Compare and contrast the two. Are those two main elements of Helen similar or opposite? How did Helen's appearance change as her behaviors began to change?

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