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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the gift presented by the doctor?
(a) Writing tablet
(b) Ring
(c) Key
(d) Hair ribbons

2. How old is Mr. Keller?
(a) Thirties
(b) Forties
(c) Twenties
(d) Sixties

3. What exterior object is not shown in relation to Anne Sullivan?
(a) Platform
(b) Depot signs
(c) Train
(d) Conductor

4. What prop is most commonly seen in the yard?
(a) Bird bath
(b) Apple tree
(c) Rocking chair
(d) Water pump

5. What body part is often the main focus for the audience?
(a) Eyes
(b) Mouth
(c) Foot
(d) Ear

Short Answer Questions

1. What item(s) does the older gentleman hold in his hands?

2. Keller tells a story of Kate being trapped in what room?

3. What is unusual about Anne's glasses?

4. What appears in the back of the set?

5. What object is used to transport Helen's things?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does James feel ashamed at seeing the activity in the garden house?

2. What does Annie claim is her biggest problem in regards to Helen's behavior?

3. Why is Captain Keller surprised by James' reaction to Annie's outburst?

4. Why is it important that Annie lets Helen into her bedroom?

5. Why do you think the play opened with Dr. Howe examining Helen?

6. Several scenes are focused on letters written to various characters. Early on, Keller writes to Dr. Chisholm, who refers Keller to Alexander Graham Bell. What is the purpose of showing the exchanging of letters?

7. What is a surprising result of Helen's teaching in regards to Kate?

8. What is one of the main concerns of Anagnos regarding Annie Sullivan's position as governess with the Kellers?

9. What is Kate's reason for not disciplining Helen?

10. What caused Annie's delay in arriving in Alabama?

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