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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How will the helper get to the Keller house?
(a) Airplane
(b) Car
(c) Train
(d) Bus

2. What object is a common item used on set?
(a) Shoes
(b) Eyeglasses
(c) Stethoscope
(d) Iron

3. What is the name of the Negro boy?
(a) Percy
(b) Howard
(c) Arthur
(d) Jimmy

4. What does Helen attack with the scissors?
(a) Living room curtains
(b) Martha's hair
(c) Her clothes
(d) Family dog

5. Which affliction is not related to Helen?
(a) Mute
(b) Deaf
(c) Paralyzed
(d) Blind

Short Answer Questions

1. What body part is often the main focus for the audience?

2. What item is used by Anne to communicate to Helen?

3. Which item is not among those borrowed from Annie by Helen?

4. Who is chosen to help Helen?

5. The doctor says Helen has the constitution of what animal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Annie and Helen spend a long time in the dining room in a battle of wills. What does Annie manage to teach Helen?

2. What is the significance of the sewing card? How does Helen show that she wants to do it on her own?

3. What is Dr. Howe's diagnosis for Helen and his advice for her recovery?

4. Many scenes take place around the dining room table. What is the purpose of using this set?

5. The sets often include the presence of Belle, the family's setter. What is the purpose of including the dog?

6. Why is Captain Keller surprised by James' reaction to Annie's outburst?

7. What is Kate's argument regarding the item Helen has thrown on the floor?

8. Why does Annie insist that Helen refill the water pitcher instead of allowing the servants to do it?

9. Why does James feel ashamed at seeing the activity in the garden house?

10. What is the purpose of dividing the stage into quadrants?

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