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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What exterior object is not shown in relation to Anne Sullivan?
(a) Depot signs
(b) Platform
(c) Conductor
(d) Train

2. What object does Anne use to begin to teach Helen to spell?
(a) Doll
(b) Cake
(c) Dirt
(d) Puppy

3. Which affliction is not related to Helen?
(a) Deaf
(b) Mute
(c) Blind
(d) Paralyzed

4. What is the final set used in the play?
(a) Helen's bedroom
(b) Perkins Institute
(c) Church
(d) Garden House

5. What is unusual about Anne's glasses?
(a) Black
(b) Tinted
(c) Lens is missing
(d) Without frames

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne objects to Helen's behavior surrounding what prop?

2. Who/what is the focus of attention for the characters?

3. What item aggravates Anne's eyes on the train?

4. What type of dog belongs to the family?

5. To whom is Keller referred?

Short Essay Questions

1. The setting often requires focusing in closely on the faces of the characters. Why is it important to show Martha's mouth?

2. James meets Annie at the station, prepared to welcome her to Tuscumbia. Why is James the greeter and what part does the carriage play in the scene?

3. Helen makes several attempts to get attention from each member of the family. What does she do to get attention and what are the results?

4. Many scenes take place around the dining room table. What is the purpose of using this set?

5. What is Helen's reaction to going to bed on the first night at the garden house? How does Annie deal with the situation?

6. Percy is interested in learning how to play "the finger game" with Helen. How does Helen know that it is not Annie's hand? How does Helen react?

7. According to Annie, what makes a person human?

8. Why does Annie become so furious at the Kellers' suggestions for treating Helen? What is Annie's method for teaching Helen in this case?

9. Annie and Helen spend a long time in the dining room in a battle of wills. What does Annie manage to teach Helen?

10. How does Helen react to the incident at the pump?

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