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Catherine Drinker Bowen
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Foreigners in Congress. The Ten Miles Square..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the events presented in Chapter 10, what issue concerns Mason?
(a) The use of the word "national".
(b) The lack of progress made by delegates.
(c) The payment of a stipend to members of Congress.
(d) The extensive powers being granted to Congress.

2. At the beginning of the Convention, Governor Morris reads a letter from whom?
(a) Thirteen merchants from Rhode Island.
(b) Thirteen delegates from New Hampshire.
(c) Thirteen officers from Cincinnati.
(d) Thirteen Congressmen.

3. Who proposes the compromise on representation?
(a) Roger Sherman.
(b) John Rutledge.
(c) Elbridge Gerry.
(d) James Wilson.

4. What is Jefferson's position regarding Shay's Rebellion?
(a) Jefferson supports the spirit of resistance to government demonstrated by the rebels.
(b) Jefferson argues that the principles of Shay's Rebellion are used to write the Constitution.
(c) Jefferson remains neutral about the events labeled as Shay's Rebellion.
(d) Jefferson condemns the rebels for acting against the government.

5. What is the ever-present danger delegates do not discuss?
(a) There is never a quorum of delegates.
(b) The Convention dissolving and the project being abandoned.
(c) None of the New York delegates return once they leave.
(d) The choice of a single executive reminding people of the British monarchy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bedford declare the small states do if the large states dissolve the Confederation?

2. Which delegate is called "The Tall Boy" during the Continental Congress?

3. What are foreign visitors to America surprised they don't see more frequently?

4. What issue is most important for the states of Kentucky and Tennessee?

5. Why does Franklin believe foreign-born citizens are allowed to serve in Congress?

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