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Catherine Drinker Bowen
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Bill of Rights Rejected..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which delegate is born in Scotland and signs the Declaration of Independence?
(a) James Wilson.
(b) John Dickinson.
(c) Pierce Butler.
(d) John Rutledge.

2. What does Edmund Randolph propose on the final day of the Convention?
(a) To empower Congress to cut canals where they are needed.
(b) To empower Congress to establish a University.
(c) To hold a second general Convention after the people have a chance to examine the proposed Constitution.
(d) To add a Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

3. Why is no argument made against Hamilton's speech?
(a) It appropriately addresses all of the concerns of the delegates.
(b) It is so extreme that no appropriate response or rebuttal is given.
(c) The delegates agree with the clarity of his thinking.
(d) It is so vague that the delegates do not understand what he intends.

4. On June 19th, which delegate begins the day by arguing against the New Jersey Plan?
(a) James Madison.
(b) Rufus King.
(c) Edmund Randolph.
(d) Alexander Hamilton.

5. Which delegate moves to postpone the vote on ratification?
(a) James Madison.
(b) Elbridge Gerry.
(c) Rufus King.
(d) Governor Morris.

Short Answer Questions

1. What new phrase does Governor Morris insert in the short preamble to the Constitution?

2. In 1787, which American city reminds travelers of London?

3. What is the delegates' decision regarding the location of a fixed seat for the national government?

4. Which delegate writes and publishes Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British colonies?

5. What does Bowen consider the most striking feature of the New Jersey Plan?

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