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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philip argue with his father, Mr. Wakem, about?
(a) He tells his father that he wants to get a job.
(b) He argues that the dispute with the Tullivers should be set aside.
(c) He tries to convince his father to sell the mill.
(d) He tells his father that he is in love with Maggie.

2. How does Tom force Maggie to stop seeing Philip?
(a) He threatens to tell their father if she does not.
(b) He threatens Philip with bodily harm if he sees Maggie again.
(c) He threatens to take away Maggie's books.
(d) He sends Maggie away to another town.

3. Why is Maggie admitted to society and invited to social events that are thought to be above her station?
(a) Maggie is assertive about making sure that she is included.
(b) Lucy and Stephen want her to be included, so others include her.
(c) Lucy personally asks her friends to invite Maggie to events.
(d) Maggie's mother takes it upon herself to make sure that Maggie is included.

4. What action makes Maggie and Stephen particularly conscious of their attraction to each other?
(a) They discover that they agree about politics.
(b) They have a long talk about books and art.
(c) They happen to look each other in the eyes.
(d) They walk around the garden one evening while Lucy is out.

5. Why doesn't Philip want to ask Maggie to marry him right away?
(a) He feels certain that Maggie does not accept his proposal.
(b) He is not sure that he really wants to marry her.
(c) He does not want to offer her a life of poverty.
(d) He fears that his father and her brother do not approve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stephen want to marry Lucy?

2. What happens to Bob's house?

3. Why does Mrs. Tulliver not want Maggie to do any work that is hard on her hands?

4. How does Maggie try to stem her loneliness while she is living at home and nursing her father back to health?

5. What is George Eliot trying to communicate with the title, "The Torn Nest is Pierced by the Thorns"?

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