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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Maggie finally confide in about her feelings for Stephen?
(a) Her aunt Moss.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Mrs. Tulliver.
(d) Philip.

2. How does Maggie die at the end of the book?
(a) She is trying to rescue Tom from the flood and they both are swept away.
(b) She is buried when a house is knocked down in the storm and collapses on her.
(c) She jumps into the floodwater and commits suicide.
(d) She is trying to leave St. Ogg's again in a boat, and it capsizes.

3. When they finally meet again, what tool does Philip use to try to remind Maggie of their love for each other?
(a) Food.
(b) Music.
(c) Drawings.
(d) Books.

4. What is Stephen Guest's first reaction to hearing that Maggie is coming to visit her cousin Lucy?
(a) He is eager to meet Maggie, assuming she is like Lucy.
(b) He does not want to set eyes on any female other than Lucy.
(c) He is afraid to see what a daughter of Mrs. Tulliver is like.
(d) He hopes that he does not have to meet Maggie at all.

5. How does Maggie's Aunt Glegg react to the news that Maggie comes home?
(a) She agrees that Maggie should not be allowed in the house.
(b) She suggests that Maggie find a situation elsewhere.
(c) She scolds Tom for criticizing Maggie.
(d) She presumes that Maggie wants to stay with her.

6. How do Maggie and Stephen react to their growing interest in each other?
(a) They spend as much time together as they can.
(b) They start meeting secretly.
(c) They begin to write each other letters.
(d) They try to ignore each other and focus on Maggie.

7. What is George Eliot trying to communicate with the title, "The Torn Nest is Pierced by the Thorns"?
(a) There are many birds and bird nests in the area around the Tullivers' house.
(b) Creditors keep coming to the door to ask for money.
(c) The Tullivers are like birds living in a torn nest with thorns that poke them.
(d) The Tullivers do not seem to be making any effort to repair their nest and it just gets worse.

8. Which of the following statements best foreshadows Maggie's death in the flood?
(a) The historical floods that occurs at St. Ogg's.
(b) Maggie's choice to dunk her head in a bucket as a child.
(c) Mrs. Tulliver's comment, while looking for Maggie as a child, that she drows in the pond someday.
(d) Maggie's boat trip with Stephen Guest.

9. The last sentence of Book Six, Chapter 10 notes that Philip is not totally happy with Maggie's answer, and says that jealousy always longs for omniscience. What does the narrator mean by this?
(a) Philip suspects there is some other reason too.
(b) Philip is determined to take some kind of action.
(c) Philip believes that Maggie chooses asceticism again.
(d) Philip cannot wait for Tom to feel better about the marriage.

10. What reason does Maggie give Lucy for not being tired the night after she meets Stephen?
(a) She stays up to talk to Lucy.
(b) She is still thinking of the music they enjoy.
(c) She is not used to going to bed so early.
(d) She is still tired from traveling to Lucy's home.

11. How does Tom come up with capital to finance his venture with Bob?
(a) He gets the money from his Aunt Glegg.
(b) He asks his father if he can use the money they are slowly saving.
(c) He saves the money from his work at his job.
(d) He gets the money from his Uncle Deane.

12. What action makes Maggie and Stephen particularly conscious of their attraction to each other?
(a) They have a long talk about books and art.
(b) They walk around the garden one evening while Lucy is out.
(c) They discover that they agree about politics.
(d) They happen to look each other in the eyes.

13. What happens at the bazaar to make Stephen start to feel jealous?
(a) He realizes that Maggie and Philip have some history together.
(b) He notices that Maggie is careful not to look at him.
(c) He deduces that Mr. Wakem stops to see Maggie for a reason.
(d) He sees Lucy talking to other men of St. Ogg's.

14. Why does Uncle Deane tell Tom that he does well not to tell people how old he is?
(a) Tom is thought to be younger than he is, and may be able to pass himself off as a student.
(b) Tom looks older than he is and may pass for being more experienced than he is in business.
(c) Tom should try to be judged purely on the basis of his actions, not his age or appearance.
(d) Tom should not bring up the subject of age because it is not good manners.

15. What do the aunts and uncles think of Tom, now that he grows up?
(a) He is an embarrassment to the family.
(b) He may be able to restore the Tullivers' good name.
(c) He becomes a credit to the family.
(d) He should leave the Tullivers and live somewhere else.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Maggie happy to run into Philip?

2. How does Philip Wakem react to the news about Maggie and Stephen?

3. What does Maggie say that embarrasses Lucy, during Maggie's first meeting with Lucy and Stephen?

4. Why does Dr. Kenn hope that the good opinion of Maggie by some people is restored?

5. Why does Philip continue to visit the Red Deeps?

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