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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Dorlcote Mill in the flood?
(a) It rides out the flood with no problems.
(b) It floats away and becomes the mill in another town.
(c) It is demolished but then is rebuilt.
(d) It is demolished and never rebuilt.

2. How does Mr. Tulliver look when he goes to meet his creditors and pay them?
(a) Like his old self, strong and full of life.
(b) Lacking in confidence, unsure of himself.
(c) Emotionally overwrought, tearful, and hesitant.
(d) Sick, weakly, and feeble.

3. Why doesn't Philip want to ask Maggie to marry him right away?
(a) He feels certain that Maggie does not accept his proposal.
(b) He fears that his father and her brother do not approve.
(c) He is not sure that he really wants to marry her.
(d) He does not want to offer her a life of poverty.

4. What action makes Maggie and Stephen particularly conscious of their attraction to each other?
(a) They discover that they agree about politics.
(b) They happen to look each other in the eyes.
(c) They walk around the garden one evening while Lucy is out.
(d) They have a long talk about books and art.

5. Why does Philip continue to visit the Red Deeps?
(a) He needs the exercise.
(b) He meets Stephen there to talk about Maggie.
(c) He likes the scenery.
(d) He feels as though Maggie's spirit is still there.

6. Why does Maggie pore over the pages of a book while she is waiting for Lucy to return?
(a) It is a way to hide her face while she is crying.
(b) She wants to give the impression of only being interested in books.
(c) It gives her something to do and she is feeling bored.
(d) She is fascinated by the book and cannot put it down.

7. What is Mr. Wakem's reaction to Philip's proposal after he has a chance to think about it?
(a) He refuses to let Philip consider marrying Maggie.
(b) He insists that Philip never associates with any of the Tullivers.
(c) He agrees that Philip asks Maggie to marry him.
(d) He agrees to meet with Tom and try to set aside their differences.

8. Why does Lucy say that she rather not be engaged?
(a) She likes to skip the engagement and just get married.
(b) She does not like Stephen that well.
(c) Being engaged means you get married soon.
(d) She fears that her family does not approve of Stephen.

9. How does Philip Wakem react to the news about Maggie and Stephen?
(a) He is not bothered at all by the news.
(b) He sends her a letter saying that he believes in her.
(c) He decides that she must love Stephen very much.
(d) He sends her an angry letter refusing ever to see her.

10. Why does Maggie resolve never to see Philip again?
(a) Her family does not approve.
(b) She supposes that he must have many other things to do with his time.
(c) She thinks that he has something to do with her family's bankruptcy.
(d) She does not like him very well.

11. What does Maggie say to Tom after they leave Philip?
(a) Tom never has a lover of his own.
(b) Tom never understands the difference between right and wrong.
(c) Tom always enjoys finding fault and punishing her.
(d) Tom is no longer her brother.

12. How does Maggie die at the end of the book?
(a) She jumps into the floodwater and commits suicide.
(b) She is trying to leave St. Ogg's again in a boat, and it capsizes.
(c) She is trying to rescue Tom from the flood and they both are swept away.
(d) She is buried when a house is knocked down in the storm and collapses on her.

13. What does Mr. Tulliver do when he happens to run into Mr. Wakem after he pays off his other creditors?
(a) He asks him to come and have dinner with the family.
(b) He forgives him.
(c) He attacks him.
(d) He tells him what happens.

14. Why has Philip come to see Maggie?
(a) He has a message from his father.
(b) He wants to be friends.
(c) He wants to do something to help.
(d) He brings something for her family.

15. What happens to Bob's house?
(a) It is damaged by wind during a storm.
(b) It burns to the ground.
(c) It is destroyed in a flood.
(d) It is buried by a mudslide.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lucy have a confidential conversation with her father the same evening that Philip first comes to visit?

2. Why is Maggie admitted to society and invited to social events that are thought to be above her station?

3. Why do Philip and Maggie think that they cannot be together?

4. Who frequently visits Tom's and Maggie's grave?

5. What does Philip offer to do for Maggie if she sees him regularly while she is caring for her parents?

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