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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the bazaar to make Stephen start to feel jealous?
(a) He notices that Maggie is careful not to look at him.
(b) He realizes that Maggie and Philip have some history together.
(c) He deduces that Mr. Wakem stops to see Maggie for a reason.
(d) He sees Lucy talking to other men of St. Ogg's.

2. Where has Tom wanted Maggie to live as long as she remains unmarried?
(a) At home with their mother.
(b) With friends at St. Ogg's.
(c) With their aunt Pullet.
(d) With their cousin Lucy.

3. How does Maggie's Aunt Glegg react to the news that Maggie comes home?
(a) She agrees that Maggie should not be allowed in the house.
(b) She scolds Tom for criticizing Maggie.
(c) She presumes that Maggie wants to stay with her.
(d) She suggests that Maggie find a situation elsewhere.

4. What do Tom and Maggie look like when their bodies are discovered?
(a) They are hugging each other tightly.
(b) They are far from each other.
(c) They are no longer recognizable.
(d) They are never found.

5. What is Maggie's plan for supporting herself when she returns to St. Ogg's?
(a) She plans to work in the mill.
(b) She plans to take a teaching job.
(c) She plans to get married to someone.
(d) She plans to sew for a living.

6. Where does Maggie go to live after she returns home from the boat trip with Stephen?
(a) With her aunt Moss and her family.
(b) With Bob and his family.
(c) With her aunt Pullet and her family.
(d) With her aunt Glegg and her family.

7. Why does Stephen start having dinner at Lucy's house?
(a) To see Lucy for a little longer.
(b) To see Maggie for a little longer.
(c) To talk with the Deanes.
(d) To have a good meal before riding home.

8. The last sentence of Book Six, Chapter 10 notes that Philip is not totally happy with Maggie's answer, and says that jealousy always longs for omniscience. What does the narrator mean by this?
(a) Philip is determined to take some kind of action.
(b) Philip suspects there is some other reason too.
(c) Philip believes that Maggie chooses asceticism again.
(d) Philip cannot wait for Tom to feel better about the marriage.

9. Why does Lucy think that Tom changes his mind about Philip Wakem?
(a) Philip deserves pity because he has a hunchback.
(b) Philip intervenes with his father about the mill.
(c) Philip's father agrees to a marriage between Philip and Maggie.
(d) Philip wants to do the honorable thing and marry Maggie.

10. What clue does George Eliot give us to indicate that Stephen Guest is married at the end of the book?
(a) She says that he visits the tomb later "with a sweet face beside him".
(b) She tells the reader outright that Stephen is married.
(c) She has Stephen call out to his wife while they are visiting the tomb.
(d) She refers to Stephen's wife and children.

11. When they finally meet again, what tool does Philip use to try to remind Maggie of their love for each other?
(a) Drawings.
(b) Food.
(c) Music.
(d) Books.

12. How does their father's death affect Maggie and Tom's relationship?
(a) They forgive each other.
(b) They decide to tolerate each other.
(c) Their attitudes toward each other are unchanged.
(d) They blame each other.

13. Why does Lucy say that she rather not be engaged?
(a) She fears that her family does not approve of Stephen.
(b) She likes to skip the engagement and just get married.
(c) She does not like Stephen that well.
(d) Being engaged means you get married soon.

14. How does Tom come up with capital to finance his venture with Bob?
(a) He saves the money from his work at his job.
(b) He gets the money from his Aunt Glegg.
(c) He asks his father if he can use the money they are slowly saving.
(d) He gets the money from his Uncle Deane.

15. Why do Philip and Maggie think that they cannot be together?
(a) They do not really love each other that much.
(b) The townspeople gossip about them.
(c) They cannot afford to set up a household.
(d) It upsets their families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Maggie's one indulgence during the period when she is nursing her father back to health?

2. Why does Dr. Kenn hope that the good opinion of Maggie by some people is restored?

3. How do we know that Tom is a very able employee?

4. Is Maggie still in love with Stephen as she travels home?

5. What does Philip argue with his father, Mr. Wakem, about?

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