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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Stephen Guest steal Lucy's sewing scissors?
(a) To put them away for her and save her the trouble.
(b) To cut an article out of the newspaper.
(c) To have a chance to touch her when he gives them back.
(d) To cut a thread.

2. How does Philip shake Maggie's resolve never to see him again?
(a) He asks her whether she does not like him as she once does.
(b) He tells her that she is missing all that life has to offer.
(c) He tells her that he cannot live without her.
(d) He tells her that she is just trying to stupefy herself into resignation.

3. Who unexpectedly comes to Maggie's aid when she returns from her boat trip with Stephen?
(a) Her aunt Pullet.
(b) Her aunt Moss.
(c) Her aunt Glegg.
(d) Her mother.

4. What is Mr. Wakem's reaction to Philip's proposal after he has a chance to think about it?
(a) He agrees to meet with Tom and try to set aside their differences.
(b) He insists that Philip never associates with any of the Tullivers.
(c) He refuses to let Philip consider marrying Maggie.
(d) He agrees that Philip asks Maggie to marry him.

5. Why does Stephen start having dinner at Lucy's house?
(a) To see Maggie for a little longer.
(b) To talk with the Deanes.
(c) To see Lucy for a little longer.
(d) To have a good meal before riding home.

6. What is the real reason why Maggie is not tired the night after meeting Stephen?
(a) She cannot stop thinking about him.
(b) She has some sewing she hopes to do.
(c) She has too much coffee to drink.
(d) She has a book she wants to read.

7. Why does Uncle Deane tell Tom that he does well not to tell people how old he is?
(a) Tom is thought to be younger than he is, and may be able to pass himself off as a student.
(b) Tom should try to be judged purely on the basis of his actions, not his age or appearance.
(c) Tom looks older than he is and may pass for being more experienced than he is in business.
(d) Tom should not bring up the subject of age because it is not good manners.

8. How does Tom react when Maggie comes home?
(a) He forgives her right away and welcomes her home.
(b) He refuses to allow her to come under his roof.
(c) He argues with her but eventually lets her in.
(d) He calls the police and has her arrested.

9. What do Tom and Maggie both fear when Tom announces to his father that he is able to pay the debts?
(a) That Tom is tempted to tell his father about Maggie and Philip.
(b) That something happens to stop Tom from doing it.
(c) That Mr. Tulliver refuses to let Tom do it.
(d) That the shock gives Mr. Tulliver a relapse.

10. How does Lucy trick Stephen?
(a) She tells him that Maggie has not arrived yet.
(b) She suggests that Maggie is much older than she really is.
(c) She makes him think that Maggie takes after Mrs. Tulliver.
(d) She implies that Maggie is blond and blue-eyed.

11. How does Bob try to cheer Maggie up?
(a) He offers the family money.
(b) He brings her food.
(c) He brings her books.
(d) He does work around the house.

12. Why does Maggie have nightmares while she sleeps on the boat with Stephen?
(a) She wonders whether anyone realizes that they drift too far down the river accidentally.
(b) She is concerned about all the people who must be worrying about her and Stephen.
(c) She is afraid the boat overturns and she drowns.
(d) She fears that she ruins her life and that of her family members.

13. How does Tom react when he is offered a share in the business at Guest and Company?
(a) He asks his uncle to buy the old mill instead.
(b) He declines the offer and starts his own business instead.
(c) He immediately accepts.
(d) He tells his uncle he'd rather wait a few more years first.

14. What is Maggie most afraid that her father does, while he is recovering from his accident?
(a) Become depressed and commit suicide.
(b) Give up all he has left in some scheme to go back to the way things are.
(c) Quit his job at the mill.
(d) Go into a rage and beat her mother.

15. When Philip asks Maggie if she still has feelings for him, what does she give as her reason why she cannot marry him?
(a) She upsets the memory of her dead father.
(b) She loses her brother as a result.
(c) She is planning to go away to a teaching job.
(d) She is falling in love with Stephen.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lucy's plan to intervene with Tom on Maggie's behalf backfire?

2. How does Philip Wakem react to the news about Maggie and Stephen?

3. When they finally meet again, what tool does Philip use to try to remind Maggie of their love for each other?

4. Where has Tom wanted Maggie to live as long as she remains unmarried?

5. Where does Maggie go to live after she returns home from the boat trip with Stephen?

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