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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator think pubic opinion regards Maggie if she returns to St. Ogg's as Mrs. Stephen Guest?
(a) Her family welcomes her back.
(b) The community sympathizes with her.
(c) Gossips talk about her for weeks.
(d) People scorn her.

2. How does Tom react when Maggie comes home?
(a) He refuses to allow her to come under his roof.
(b) He calls the police and has her arrested.
(c) He argues with her but eventually lets her in.
(d) He forgives her right away and welcomes her home.

3. How does Tom figure out that Maggie is secretly meeting Philip?
(a) He finds a book that Philip loans to Maggie.
(b) He sees Maggie and Philip together.
(c) He sees her face when Aunt Pullet mentions seeing Philip leaving the Red Deep.
(d) He finds a letter that Maggie writes to Philip.

4. How does Mr. Tulliver look when he goes to meet his creditors and pay them?
(a) Emotionally overwrought, tearful, and hesitant.
(b) Like his old self, strong and full of life.
(c) Sick, weakly, and feeble.
(d) Lacking in confidence, unsure of himself.

5. How does Philip shake Maggie's resolve never to see him again?
(a) He tells her that he cannot live without her.
(b) He tells her that she is missing all that life has to offer.
(c) He asks her whether she does not like him as she once does.
(d) He tells her that she is just trying to stupefy herself into resignation.

6. Where does Maggie go to live after she returns home from the boat trip with Stephen?
(a) With her aunt Moss and her family.
(b) With her aunt Pullet and her family.
(c) With Bob and his family.
(d) With her aunt Glegg and her family.

7. What happens at the bazaar to make Stephen start to feel jealous?
(a) He deduces that Mr. Wakem stops to see Maggie for a reason.
(b) He notices that Maggie is careful not to look at him.
(c) He sees Lucy talking to other men of St. Ogg's.
(d) He realizes that Maggie and Philip have some history together.

8. Why does Lucy understand and forgive Maggie?
(a) She reads Stephen's letter.
(b) Dr. Kenn counsels her to forgive.
(c) Maggie's mother checks on her every day.
(d) She forgives everyone.

9. What does Maggie find the most difficult about living at home, in poverty?
(a) She misses books and reading.
(b) She likes to go out with other young women.
(c) Her father seems to have no spark of life anymore.
(d) Tom does not spend enough time with her now.

10. How do we know that Tom is a very able employee?
(a) He is offered a share of the business at Guest and Company.
(b) He is earning a good income for his family.
(c) Tom insists on continuing to invest money in entrepreneurial schemes.
(d) Tom says that he feels he is doing a good job.

11. What does Philip offer to do for Maggie if she sees him regularly while she is caring for her parents?
(a) Meet in secret and bring her books.
(b) Help her to find a job.
(c) Convince his father to sell the mill.
(d) Help to finance Tom's trading venture.

12. What do the aunts and uncles think of Tom, now that he grows up?
(a) He may be able to restore the Tullivers' good name.
(b) He should leave the Tullivers and live somewhere else.
(c) He is an embarrassment to the family.
(d) He becomes a credit to the family.

13. What is George Eliot trying to communicate with the title, "The Torn Nest is Pierced by the Thorns"?
(a) The Tullivers are like birds living in a torn nest with thorns that poke them.
(b) The Tullivers do not seem to be making any effort to repair their nest and it just gets worse.
(c) There are many birds and bird nests in the area around the Tullivers' house.
(d) Creditors keep coming to the door to ask for money.

14. Why does the job working for Dr. Kenn become a problem?
(a) People don't think that Maggie is fit to be around children.
(b) Some gossips claim that Maggie is very lazy and does not take care of the children.
(c) Town gossips begin to talk about Maggie having a relationship wtih Dr. Kenn.
(d) People tend to think that Maggie is unreliable.

15. Why does Stephen want to marry Lucy?
(a) He thinks that his family approves of a marriage with her.
(b) She is not a remarkable rarity but is moderate in all things.
(c) She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
(d) He is madly in love with her and thinks of nothing else.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Tom and Maggie look like when their bodies are discovered?

2. How does Tom come up with capital to finance his venture with Bob?

3. What does Maggie say that embarrasses Lucy, during Maggie's first meeting with Lucy and Stephen?

4. Why doesn't Philip want to ask Maggie to marry him right away?

5. What reason does Maggie give Lucy for not being tired the night after she meets Stephen?

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