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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Mr. Deane so skeptical about hiring Tom?
(a) Tom is known for his hot temper.
(b) Tom is only 16 years old.
(c) Tom is very clumsy.
(d) Tom is not very diplomatic.

2. What words does the narrator use to describe what she calls "the mental condition of these emmet-like Dodsons and Tullivers"?
(a) Foolish nonsense.
(b) Tempestuous flow of emotions.
(c) Oppressive narrowness.
(d) Self-righteous indignation.

3. What is Philip's main drawback, from Tom's point of view?
(a) He is the son of Tom's father's enemy, Mr. Wakem.
(b) He does not care for fishing.
(c) He already learns most of what Tom is studying.
(d) He is not a pleasant person to spend time with.

4. How does Tom hurt his foot?
(a) He sprains it fighting with Philip.
(b) He steps on a rusty nail sticking out of an old bridge.
(c) He cuts it with the sword he borrows from Mr. Poulter.
(d) He falls down a flight of stairs.

5. Why does Maggie get angry with her aunts and uncles?
(a) They criticize the dishes and linens.
(b) They scold and judge, but do not help.
(c) They fight over pieces of furniture.
(d) They do not remember to bring the cousins.

6. Why do Mrs. Tulliver's sisters criticize Mr. Tulliver?
(a) They think that he is not good at managing money.
(b) They do not think that he treats Mrs. Tulliver well.
(c) They think that he is not very good looking.
(d) They are unimpressed with his parenting skills.

7. What is Maggie shocked to notice after the sale?
(a) Her mother's linens are gone.
(b) Bob arrives to offer what little he can.
(c) Her father is moved.
(d) Even the books are gone.

8. What does Tom suggest the aunts and uncles can do to help?
(a) Help him to finish his education and Maggie to finish hers.
(b) Give money to him and Maggie right away, instead of leaving it to them in their wills.
(c) Provide a home for the family to go to after the property is sold.
(d) Offer a job to him and to Maggie, so they can support their parents.

9. Why does Maggie run away to live with the gypsies?
(a) She wants to buy something from the gypsies.
(b) She is often been told that she is wild like a gypsy.
(c) She hopes the gypsies take her along when they leave town.
(d) She wants to visit a friend who is a gypsy.

10. Why does Mr. Tulliver change his mind about asking the Mosses to pay their debt?
(a) He wants Tom to be generous with Maggie if she ever needs it.
(b) He thinks about how he feels in Mr. Moss's position.
(c) He realizes that he doesn't really need the money that badly.
(d) He remembers that the Mosses have a lot of expenses to pay.

11. How does Philip manage to get Tom excited about learning?
(a) He inspires Tom because he is so advanced in his studies.
(b) He tells him stories of heros from classical mythology.
(c) He becomes friends with Tom, who then wants to do the same things as Philip.
(d) He explains the connection between education and business to Tom.

12. What is Maggie most shocked by when she arrives at home after accompanying Tom home from Lorton?
(a) Seeing her father still lying in bed, insensible.
(b) Seeing her aunts buying the family linens.
(c) Learning that the family may have to go to a workhouse.
(d) Hearing her mother criticize her father's actions and choices.

13. What does Mr. Riley recommend that Mr. Tulliver do about Tom's education?
(a) Send him to study with a parson.
(b) Send him to boarding school.
(c) Send him to study with a lawyer.
(d) Send him to the village school.

14. How does Maggie react to the aunt's criticism of her hair?
(a) She braids it and puts a hat on.
(b) She cuts it.
(c) She brushes it.
(d) She sticks her head in a bucket of water.

15. What do the Tullivers think of their daughter, Maggie?
(a) She is hardworking but dumb.
(b) She is obedient but foolish.
(c) She is pretty and docile.
(d) She is smart and mischievous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What helps Mrs. Glegg to feel better about her argument with Mr. Glegg?

2. Why do you think that George Eliot chooses to begin a new book, Book II, with the chapter in which Tom first goes away to school?

3. Why does Mr. Tulliver fall off his horse?

4. Which part of the news about the family finances shocks Mr. Tulliver the most when he first regains his senses after the accident?

5. Why does Maggie leap to Tom's defense while Mr. Tulliver discusses Tom's education with Mr. Riley?

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