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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tom spend his afternoon on the day that he gets home?
(a) Whittling sticks and talking to Luke.
(b) Talking with his parents about school.
(c) Fishing with his friend Bob.
(d) Playing with Maggie.

2. How does Maggie de-stress when she is frustrated?
(a) She goes fishing with Tom.
(b) She gets into some kind of mischief.
(c) She goes swimming in the Floss.
(d) She beats up an old wooden doll in the attic.

3. What happens to Maggie when she tries to hug Tom because she is so delighted by the music coming from the music box?
(a) Her uncle offers to play another tune on the music box.
(b) She gets in trouble for making him spill his cowslip wine.
(c) Tom hugs her back and forgives her for upsetting his house of cards.
(d) Her mother praises Maggie for being so well behaved.

4. Mr. Tulliver wakes up briefly to talk to Tom when Tom arrives home from Lorton. But what happens to him after that?
(a) He lapses back into a coma.
(b) He has a premonition that he is going to die soon.
(c) He realizes that he is paralyzed from the waist down.
(d) He is fully restored to his senses.

5. Who is Mr. Tulliver planning to send away to school?
(a) His wife, Mrs. Tulliver.
(b) His daughter, Maggie.
(c) His son, Tom.
(d) His niece, Lucy.

6. What surprise does Tom bring back for Maggie from school?
(a) A kitten.
(b) Some marbles.
(c) A new fishing line.
(d) A bird's nest.

7. How does Mr. Tulliver react to Mrs. Pullet's plan to mediate on his behalf with Mrs. Glegg?
(a) He decides to borrow the money to pay Mrs. Glegg back.
(b) He decides to go to Mrs. Glegg himself and ask her to wait a while longer for the money.
(c) He already has the money and pays Mrs. lregg back right away.
(d) He tells Mrs. Pullet how grateful he is to have her help.

8. Which part of the news about the family finances shocks Mr. Tulliver the most when he first regains his senses after the accident?
(a) The realization that he is bankrupt.
(b) The realization that he cannot pay back his debts.
(c) The realization that he cannot afford to keep Tom in school.
(d) The realization that most of his goods are sold.

9. What does Mr. Riley recommend that Mr. Tulliver do about Tom's education?
(a) Send him to study with a parson.
(b) Send him to boarding school.
(c) Send him to study with a lawyer.
(d) Send him to the village school.

10. What causes Mr. Tulliver to wake up?
(a) He hears the sound of Maggie's voice.
(b) He hears the family coming in to check on him.
(c) He hears the family fighting about money.
(d) He hears Tom opening his tin box of documents.

11. How does Mrs. Moss soften Mr. Tulliver's anger?
(a) She reminds him of their childhood together.
(b) She praises his son, Tom.
(c) She offers him a piece of pie.
(d) She praises his daughter, Maggie.

12. What does the narrator say is the prime moral value of the Dodsons?
(a) Revering what is customary and respectable.
(b) Respect for life in all forms.
(c) Delight in the goodness of life and of all human beings.
(d) Submission to the will of God.

13. What do the Tullivers think of their daughter, Maggie?
(a) She is pretty and docile.
(b) She is obedient but foolish.
(c) She is hardworking but dumb.
(d) She is smart and mischievous.

14. Why does Mr. Wakem ask Mr. Tulliver to run the mill?
(a) It is a way for Mr. Wakem to help the Tullivers.
(b) It humiliatez him to work for Mr. Wakem.
(c) It helpz him to get back on his feet again.
(d) It givez Philip a chance to get to know Maggie again.

15. How does Maggie react when Tom takes Lucy to the pond and tells Maggie not to come?
(a) She begins to fight with Tom.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She pushes Lucy into the mud.
(d) She jumps into the pond.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom say when Maggie offers to teach him about bookkeeping?

2. What does Mr. Tulliver feel is his strongest reason for staying and working at the mill?

3. Why does Maggie run away to live with the gypsies?

4. What does the narrator think of Mrs. Pullet's grief over old Mrs. Sutton's death?

5. What attribute do all the Dodson sisters have in common?

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