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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6: Chapter 8 | Book 6: Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Tom and Philip react when they first meet each other?
(a) They are instant enemies.
(b) They become friends immediately.
(c) They instantly start talking.
(d) They are shy and awkward with each other.

2. Why do Mrs. Tulliver's sisters criticize Mr. Tulliver?
(a) They are unimpressed with his parenting skills.
(b) They think that he is not very good looking.
(c) They think that he is not good at managing money.
(d) They do not think that he treats Mrs. Tulliver well.

3. How does Tom feel about the argument with Philip?
(a) He feels that he is never friends with Philip again.
(b) He hates Philip for being the son of Mr. Wakem.
(c) He resents Philip for being so far ahead of him in school.
(d) He does not see why they cannot just make it up.

4. Where has Tom wanted Maggie to live as long as she remains unmarried?
(a) With friends at St. Ogg's.
(b) With their aunt Pullet.
(c) With their cousin Lucy.
(d) At home with their mother.

5. Why does Maggie come to get Tom at school during his last quarter at King's Lorton?
(a) Mr. Tulliver becomes a farmer and needs Tom to work on the farm.
(b) Mr. Tulliver wants Tom to return home in order to run the mill.
(c) Mr. Tulliver needs Tom to testify in the lawsuit.
(d) Mr. Tulliver loses the lawsuit and has to give up all his property.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mr. Tulliver agree to run the mill, even though Mr. Wakem now owns it ?

2. Why does Philip begin to play the piano badly?

3. What does Philip argue with his father, Mr. Wakem, about?

4. When Mr. Tulliver wakes up, what does he tell Tom to do about the family's bankruptcy?

5. Why do Philip and Maggie think that they cannot be together?

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