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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: Chapter 1 | Book 3: Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maggie react to the aunt's criticism of her hair?
(a) She cuts it.
(b) She braids it and puts a hat on.
(c) She sticks her head in a bucket of water.
(d) She brushes it.

2. What happens to Maggie when she tries to hug Tom because she is so delighted by the music coming from the music box?
(a) Tom hugs her back and forgives her for upsetting his house of cards.
(b) She gets in trouble for making him spill his cowslip wine.
(c) Her mother praises Maggie for being so well behaved.
(d) Her uncle offers to play another tune on the music box.

3. What is Philip's main drawback, from Tom's point of view?
(a) He does not care for fishing.
(b) He already learns most of what Tom is studying.
(c) He is not a pleasant person to spend time with.
(d) He is the son of Tom's father's enemy, Mr. Wakem.

4. What part of the book is introduced in the first chapter?
(a) The setting.
(b) The main characters.
(c) The plot.
(d) The theme.

5. Why does Tom have a hard time at school with Mr. Stelling?
(a) He is not good at learning things like geometry and Latin.
(b) He misses his family at home in St. Ogg's.
(c) He does not like to work and would rather go fishing.
(d) He does not like living with Mr. Stelling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mr. Tulliver want Tom to study drawing?

2. Why does Mr. Tulliver advise Maggie and Tom not to become too close to Philip?

3. Why does Mrs. Tulliver panic when she cannot find Maggie?

4. How do we know that Maggie tends to be rambunctious?

5. What does Maggie discover when she finds the gypsies?

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