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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6: Chapter 10 | Book 6: Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the aunts and uncles think of Tom, now that he grows up?
(a) He is an embarrassment to the family.
(b) He becomes a credit to the family.
(c) He should leave the Tullivers and live somewhere else.
(d) He may be able to restore the Tullivers' good name.

2. Why does Mr. Tulliver agree to run the mill, even though Mr. Wakem now owns it ?
(a) He needs a way to provide for his family.
(b) He gets a promotion if he stays on at the mill.
(c) The mill life is the only job he knows.
(d) He still loves the mill and wants to take care of it.

3. Why does Philip's deformity make Maggie feel more tender toward him?
(a) She lacks confidence in her ability to inspire love in anyone who is not deformed.
(b) She feels sorry for Philip because he is made fun of in the past.
(c) She thinks the hunchback is very handsome.
(d) She likes to have her love appreciated by those who are not used to it.

4. What does Tom suggest the aunts and uncles can do to help?
(a) Offer a job to him and to Maggie, so they can support their parents.
(b) Provide a home for the family to go to after the property is sold.
(c) Give money to him and Maggie right away, instead of leaving it to them in their wills.
(d) Help him to finish his education and Maggie to finish hers.

5. How does their father's death affect Maggie and Tom's relationship?
(a) They forgive each other.
(b) They decide to tolerate each other.
(c) Their attitudes toward each other are unchanged.
(d) They blame each other.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Tom and Philip become closer again for a little while while Tom is recovering from his injury?

2. What kind of a job does Mr. Deane eventually find for Tom?

3. Why does Stephen want to marry Lucy?

4. What does the narrator say it means when a young boy appears sheepish?

5. How does Maggie de-stress when she is frustrated?

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