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Painting the Scene

Reread chapter one, noticing the description of Dorlcote Mill and its surroundings. Sketch the scene in pencil. Then paint it. Be prepared to display your painting in class and discuss how your painting reflects the descriptions that are presented in chapter one.

Maggie's Reading List

Make a list of the books that Maggie reads during The Mill on the Floss. Choose one of the books, read it yourself, and then report to the class on the contents of the book and why you think Maggie likes it.

A Museum of Playthings

Go through the early chapters of The Mill on the Floss, making a list of the things that Tom and Maggie play with and what games they play for entertainment. Put together a museum exhibit on child's play in the 1820s, including quotations from The Mill on the Floss in your exhibit labels.

A Family Dialogue

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