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Book 1: Chapter 1 | Book 1: Chapter 2

• Book One: Chapter One.

• The setting of the story is laid out; it is the town of St. Ogg's, on the river Floss.

• Dorlcote Mill sits where the Floss meets a tributary, the Ripple, and it uses the flow of water in the Ripple.

• Book One: Chapter Two.

• Mr. Tulliver tells Mrs. Tulliver that he plans to send their son, Tom, away to school.

• Mrs. Tulliver wants to consult her sisters and their husbands about this decision, but Mr. Tulliver refuses to do so.

• Mr. Tulliver observes that he wishes that Tom, rather than his sister, Maggie, inherits his intelligence.

• Mrs. Tulliver complains about how naughty Maggie is.

Book 1: Chapter 3 | Book 1: Chapter 4

• Book One: Chapter Three.

• Mr. Tulliver asks Mr. Riley's advice about Tom's education, and Mr. Riley advises him to send Tom to study with a parson.

• Maggie discusses Daniel Defoe's The History...

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