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Essay Topic 1

Compare the characters of Harper and Hannah in Millennium Approaches. What is common to these characters? What are their differences?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the motif of American politics in Millennium Approaches. How are Kushner's political views evident in the play?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the setting of Millennium Approaches. Why is the setting important to the play? How does the setting relate to the play's themes?

Essay Topic 4

Compare the political and religious ideals of Joe and Roy. How do these men differ regarding ethics? How is this expressed in the play?

Essay Topic 5

Describe the parallels of the relationship between Harper and Joe and that of Louis and Prior. How does Kushner illuminate those parallels?

Essay Topic 6

Describe the sociopolitical atmosphere of New York in 1985. What is the American economy like during this time? How is this evident in the play?

Essay Topic 7

Why does Joe...

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