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Short Answer Questions

1. Part 4, Chapter 19 opens with the live capture of ______________ and two of his men.

2. When the person with whom Horst Von Epp is meeting with at the end of Part 3 appears, what does he tell that individual to do?

3. By Part 4, Chapter 20, how many entrances to the bunker at Mila 18 have the Germans found?

4. In 1941, in the first raid of the Warsaw ghetto, how many Jews are taken and executed?

5. As the war starts to go bad for the Germans, about what are they concerned?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the final members of the ghetto so hard for the Nazis to defeat?

2. Describe Andrei's actions in Part 4 in helping people escape after Mila 18 has been compromised.

3. How is Stephan Bronski saved?

4. Describe the takeover of the prison by the Joint Forces in Part 4, Chapter 5.

5. How do Von Epp and Funk view the war and its outcome differently in Part 4?

6. What is Funk's plan for eradicating the Jews, as described in Part 4, Chapter 11, and how does Von Epp react to the plan?

7. Describe the situation in the Mila 18 bunker by April of 1943.

8. By Part 4, Chapter 9, Funk is frustrated and embarrassed by his failures, so he turns the task of final liquidation over to Von Epp and Dr. Koenig. What is Koenig's first step?

9. What does Von Epp admit to Chris in Part 3, Chapter 13?

10. What other successful Jewish operations are described in Part 4, Chapter 7?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Determine who the primary protagonist and antagonist of Mila 18 are, and explain how you reach those conclusions. At what point in the book does it become clear who the protagonist and antagonist are?

Essay Topic 2

Determine the genre and sub-genre, if applicable, of Mila 18, supporting your choice with evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Horst Von Epp's role in the book. How does he approach his job? Does his approach or attitude ever change? Is his attitude usual or unusual for someone in his position?

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