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Short Answer Questions

1. When Chris De Monti introduces the subject of getting someone out of Poland, specifically a woman and children, how does Von Epp respond?

2. Based on Chris' response to Von Epp's invitation for a night of dinner and girls, what does Von Epp assume?

3. What is Andrei Androfski's profession?

4. What sort of response did Chris' past reports of atrocities receive from the world?

5. Why is the elderly Goldman executed?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Brandel show that he trusts Rabbi Solomon? With what does Solomon respond?

2. When Paul Bronski meets with Andrei in Part 3, Chapter 3, in an effort to neutralize Andrei's militant efforts, what does Bronski offer? How does Andrei respond?

3. What is Gabriela doing for work by Part 2, Chapter 17?

4. What is the relationship and agreement between Max Kleperman and Koenig?

5. When all Jewish organization are outlawed and the Bathyrans are forced underground, what does Andrei decide to do?

6. Who is Horst Von Epp, and why is his job ironic?

7. How does Wolf get caught by the Gestapo, and what is arranged for his release?

8. Describe what occurs between Wolf and Rachel in Part 2, Chapter 21.

9. Describe the three-pronged plan Brandel and the other leaders develop in Part 2, Chapter 6.

10. How is Gabriela Rak initially described to readers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The religious beliefs and expectations Deborah expresses to Paul conflict greatly with her actions with Chris. Describe the discordance between Deborah's religious beliefs and her actions, and how that divergence affects her. How does Deborah believe she is punished for her sins?

Essay Topic 2

Dignity and honor are strong themes throughout Mila 18. Describe at least two examples of each theme from different points throughout the story. Which characters exemplify this theme?

Essay Topic 3

How can Koenig's attitude toward, and treatment of Paul Bronski be compared to the overall Nazi's attitude toward, and treatment of the Jews?

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