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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Wolf?

2. By whom is Wolf caught while on assignment for the resistance movement?

3. What happens to Rabbi Solomon's synagogue?

4. What is prohibited to Jews in Warsaw?

5. Andrei visits Paul Bronski in Part 2, Chapter 4 and tries to convince him of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Andrei refuse to marry Gabriela?

2. Who are the four leaders Brandel feels he can depend upon to help him unify the different Jewish factions?

3. What is Gabriela doing for work by Part 2, Chapter 17?

4. Describe the conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto by 1940.

5. Why is Alfred Funk brought to Warsaw in Part 2, Chapter 16?

6. Who is Horst Von Epp, and why is his job ironic?

7. Who is Dr. Franz Koenig, and how does he feel about Dr. Paul Bronski?

8. What agreement do Paul and Chris have between one another in Part 1?

9. How does Wolf get caught by the Gestapo, and what is arranged for his release?

10. What does Rabbi Solomon counsel Alex Brandel to do, and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Determine the genre and sub-genre, if applicable, of Mila 18, supporting your choice with evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 2

The women of Mila 18 are varied in personality and position, but also have some qualities in common. Compare and contrast any two of the following women:

• Deborah Bronski

• Ana Grinspan

• Gabriela Rak

• Rachel Bronski

Essay Topic 3

How can Koenig's attitude toward, and treatment of Paul Bronski be compared to the overall Nazi's attitude toward, and treatment of the Jews?

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