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Short Answer Questions

1. Between what did the German bombs not discriminate?

2. What job does Gabriela have in Part 2, in order to help her be less conspicuous?

3. What does Solomon counsel Brandel to do in Part 2, Chapter 5?

4. What sort of response did Chris' past reports of atrocities receive from the world?

5. What does the plan that Simon Eden, Emanuel Goldman, and David Zemba devise ultimately achieve?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who in the novel keeps a journal, and why?

2. What is the relationship and agreement between Max Kleperman and Koenig?

3. How does Gabriela react when Andrei does not immediately return in Chapter 11 & 12?

4. When Chris returns from covering the war on the eastern front, what does he discover?

5. How is Gabriela Rak initially described to readers?

6. Describe what occurs between Wolf and Rachel in Part 2, Chapter 21.

7. How does Wolf get caught by the Gestapo, and what is arranged for his release?

8. What actions does Koenig take in Part 2, Chapter 1?

9. Describe Chris' parents, and his relationship with them as he grew up.

10. What are the first things Sieghold Stutze does as the new SS commander in Warsaw?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How can Koenig's attitude toward, and treatment of Paul Bronski be compared to the overall Nazi's attitude toward, and treatment of the Jews?

Essay Topic 2

Minor characters are those who are not the primary focus of the story, but help drive the plot that is following the main character. Select three of the minor characters below to explain their significance to the plot. In other words, why does the author include these characters at all?

• Simon Eden

• Emanuel Goldman

• David Zemba

• Tolek

Essay Topic 3

The women of Mila 18 are varied in personality and position, but also have some qualities in common. Compare and contrast any two of the following women:

• Deborah Bronski

• Ana Grinspan

• Gabriela Rak

• Rachel Bronski

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