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Short Answer Questions

1. What is prohibited to Jews in Warsaw?

2. How does Paul characterize his wife's brother, Andrei Androfski?

3. How does Andrei provide Gabriela with an opportunity to escape Poland?

4. What is Rudolph Schreiker's official title?

5. Who purchases "Aryan Papers"?

Short Essay Questions

1. When it becomes clear in Part 3 that a new contact on the Aryan side is needed, who is selected and how does Andrei feel about it?

2. What is Gabriela doing for work by Part 2, Chapter 17?

3. What are the first things Sieghold Stutze does as the new SS commander in Warsaw?

4. What does Part 1, Chapter 11 primarily describe?

5. Prior to coming to Warsaw, on what does Chis report, and how are his report received?

6. How does Wolf get caught by the Gestapo, and what is arranged for his release?

7. What is the relationship and agreement between Max Kleperman and Koenig?

8. How does Brandel show that he trusts Rabbi Solomon? With what does Solomon respond?

9. When Andrei visits Paul Bronski's new office, of what is he trying to convince Paul? In response, about what does Paul try to convince both Andrei and himself?

10. In what year does the book open, and what is the political setting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the conflict of interest that Paul Bronski faces between the Nazis and his family? What is each side asking of Paul, and to whom does he remain loyal ultimately?

Essay Topic 2

Dignity and honor are strong themes throughout Mila 18. Describe at least two examples of each theme from different points throughout the story. Which characters exemplify this theme?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the book's title. Why might the author have selected Mila 18 for the title, and do you agree that it is the most appropriate title for this story? If not, what title do you feel is more appropriate and why?

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